CCLVI Thanks BOP for Liggett Award

The Council of Citizens with Low Vision International, celebrating its 30th anniversary as an ACB affiliate, and Joyce Kleiber, editor of "Vision Access," thank the ACB board of publications. You have honored us with the Hollis K. Liggett Braille Free Press Award for affiliate newsletter excellence.

In her letter to Paul Edwards, chairman of the BOP, Joyce Kleiber wrote: “When I joined CCLVI, I was delighted to read about low vision. I had this condition all my life but I had not seen low vision acknowledged in print. When I was asked to become co-editor of 'Vision Access,' I couldn’t say 'No.' I wanted to be a part of gathering and sharing information about low vision because my own experience told me how important this could be to others.

“Editing 'Vision Access' has been a labor of love. Indeed, as the deadline for each issue approaches, the experience is like giving birth, painful yet so very gratifying. I could not do this without the support of a strong organization, CCLVI. People in CCLVI are as dedicated as I am to this task. They generously share ideas and articles. There are many people to thank, especially Bernice Kandarian, who has her finger on the pulse of low vision, and my husband, Martin Kleiber, who skillfully prunes superfluous words as the clock is ticking and the printer is waiting.”

CCLVI is grateful for this recognition.

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