The PR Committee's mentoring program was very successful last year. We had an excellent group of 12 "mentorees," and we covered many important and interesting topics. However, the committee wants to greatly expand its mentoring program this year to be able to reach lots more people, which, in turn, will help us achieve more results quicker than by working with only 12 people at a time.

Therefore, this year we are going to hold a conference call every quarter that will be open to everyone who is interested in learning more about how your affiliate and chapter can take advantage of engaging in more and better marketing and public relations activities. We will cover all kinds of free and low-budget techniques for getting the word out about your affiliate's and your chapter's activities, to reach potential new members, to educate the public about blindness, to reach medical professionals, and much, much more.

We urge each of our affiliates and chapters to select at least one person to represent your organization and to participate in these quarterly conference calls.

More details will be published shortly giving you the date and time of our first quarterly conference call. We will have a specific agenda for each call, which will be circulated ahead of time.

-- Ronald E. Milliman

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