FOR SALE: Nokia 6681 cell phone with Talks software already installed, in good condition. Asking $300. BrailleSense (original) 32-cell braille notetaker. Includes wireless adapter, all cables and manuals. In excellent condition. Asking $3,200. Laptop Asus computer with 2.2-gig dual core processor, 1.5-gig memory, 160-gig hard drive, DVD-RW drive, 1 3-cell battery, 1 6-cell battery, carrying case, Bluetooth and wireless built in. Also includes Bluetooth mouse, camera and Windows Vista ultimate. Only weighs 3.4 pounds. Brand-new. Asking $1,400. PAC Mate QWERTY 20-cell notetaker with Pocket Mobile operating system, leather carrying case. In excellent condition. Asking $1,600 or best offer. If interested, contact Robert Miller at (850) 906-9821 or [email protected].

FOR SALE: MAGic version 8 enlargement software for $425. Contact Monty Cassellius, 1518 Devney Dr., Altoona, WI 54720-2511; phone (715) 514-1619, or e-mail [email protected].

FOR SALE: Open Book 8.0 with braille and cassette tutorial. Comes with Canon flatbed scanner, software and cable. Asking $450 in U.S. funds. Will accept check or money order. If interested, contact Nancy at (319) 217-8385 or [email protected].

FOR SALE: 20-inch TV with online custom focus magnifying system with remote control. Asking $500. Contact Lenny in Lake Worth, Fla., at (561) 433-8894.

FOR SALE: Millennium M20 20-cell braille display and notetaker with speech output. Comes with flash drive, all cables to interface with PC, as well as carrying case and braille and print manuals. Asking $500; buyer pays shipping and insurance. Call Chuck Wheatley at (541) 870-0350 for more information.

FOR SALE: Trekker V3.0 GPS. Includes power cords, manual, speaker and traveling strap. Asking $800. Contact [email protected] or call (614) 471-1869.

FOR SALE: Manual wheat grass juicer, brand-new. Asking $40. Compaq laptop with 15.6"-wide screen. Includes numeric keypad. Brand-new. Comes with Windows Vista or XP, your choice; JAWS 9.0; 160-gig hard drive and 2 gigs RAM. Asking $550. Toshiba laptop with 15.4"-wide screen, 250-gig hard drive, 3 gigs RAM, Windows XP Professional, and JAWS 9.0. Asking $700. Desktop computer with 500-gig hard drive, 1 gig RAM, Windows XP and JAWS 9.0. Asking $350. Talking watch or clock, brand-new, $8. Brand-new Braille 'n Speak, never used, still in box. Asking $400 or best offer. Contact Jose Luis at (818) 220-6256.

FOR SALE: Blazie Engineering Braille Blazer, 5 years old. Comes with parallel cable and power cord. In perfect working condition; lightly used. Still in original box. Asking $1,000. Send e-mail to [email protected] or call my cell at (662) 213-2627. Ask for Cody or leave me a message.

FOR SALE: Jordy 2 low vision aid, used less than one year, in excellent condition. Includes head unit, docking stand, all cables, with battery and charger for portable use. Features: automatic focus and 16 zoom settings for up to 30x magnification. Asking $1,000 plus $200 S&H/insurance via FedEx. Contact Kerwin Schaefer, (252) 634-9237 or [email protected].

FOR SALE: Power Braille 40-cell display in good condition. Comes with cable and menu on disk. Asking $395 or best offer. Will trade for a laptop computer in excellent condition. Call Joe at (803) 238-7498 or e-mail [email protected].

FOR SALE: Optron CCTV, two years old, in excellent condition. Comes with monitor and stand. Asking $1,200 or best offer. Contact Barry at (630) 427-9000.

FOR SALE: QWERTY-style Voice Note with KeySoft 7.5 version 31 and Sendero GPS version 5.3. Comes with a leather case, power cord, and computer cable. Asking $1,100 or best offer. Price includes shipping and insurance. Contact Kurt at (386) 214-9165 or by e-mail at [email protected].

FOR SALE: Book Port reader with USB cable, flash card, CD software and instruction manual. Asking $100 plus shipping. Contact Cynthia (408) 656-2102 or e-mail [email protected].

FOR SALE: Kurzweil reader in good working order. Price negotiable. Call Mary Unruh at (316) 835-2038 or e-mail [email protected].

FOR SALE: PAC Mate Omni QX400, with cables, documentation, wi-fi card, carrying cases and packaging. $800 or best offer. E-mail [email protected] or phone (510) 848-0008.

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