by Peggy R. Garrett

LUA is holding a book flea market, "Book Mark-It," again this year at the 2010 ACB convention. You may donate books to LUA or sell or trade with others. This is an opportunity to clean off your bookshelves and share some of your favorites as well as pick up some new ones. We encourage conventioneers to bring your braille, large print and audio books to sell or trade.

The Book Mark-It will be held on Tuesday, July 13th from 5:30 to 7 p.m. This will be our third Book Mark-It. Those of you who attended last year will remember the fun we had discussing the books we had read. So join us for refreshments and share your reading experiences since the last time we were together.

Don't forget that it is not necessary to pack those large volumes of braille books in your suitcases. You can mail them "free matter for the blind" to yourself at the hotel and then re-use the same packages to mail any books that you get at the flea market to your home address. So gather up those books that are just collecting dust and we'll meet you at the Book Mark-It in Phoenix to get some great new books!

LUA will also hold its pre-convention board meeting on Saturday and informative and entertaining programs on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. See the convention program for exact times and room locations.

LUA is a special-interest affiliate of the American Council of the Blind. Established in 1987, LUA is composed of individuals who are interested in improving library services for people who are blind or visually impaired. LUA members network and advocate for maintaining and increasing services for people who are unable to read regular print. LUA hosts a listserv, [email protected], and disseminates a newsletter, "The Ledger," semi-annually to help keep members and other interested individuals informed. The group advocates for funding to National Library Services and new technology to enhance and improve accessibility to reading materials for people who are print impaired. Membership is open to all interested individuals.

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