Hey you desperados, come join the hootin' and hollerin' at the annual ACB auction, to be held Wednesday evening, July 14. Phoenix will be full of highway robbery when that new cowpoke Mitch Pomerantz joins the auction committee gang. Since the auction will be ending at 11 p.m. sharp, you drifters don't even have to stay up too late to get your share of the booty, and it's all to help ACB continue to do the great things we do. As the convention approaches, we'll provide you with news about some of the amazing items up for sale this year.

The ACB auction will not continue to be a huge success without your support. The auction will begin with the sale of affiliate baskets, giving your state or special-interest affiliate a chance to show off the bounty it can provide.

In order to ensure that the auction runs as smoothly as possible and to make your auction experience the best that it can be, we require, as a condition of accepting auction items, whether from affiliates or individuals, that a description of the item must be submitted to us by not later than June 30. We ask that you submit your brief descriptions to Marsha Farrow. Her e-mail is [email protected], and her telephone number is (706) 857-2968.

If you prefer not to carry your item to Phoenix, you may send it ahead of time to auction committee member and Arizona Council of the Blind president Barbara McDonald. Her address is: 1727 W. Osborn Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85015-5828. Your items must be received by July 2 and be sure to mark them for "ACB auction."

So remember, all you varmints, we're countin' on you to make this the best auction ever!

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