On Wednesday evening, July 14, the ACB "Treasure Hunt" Auction was held. What an evening of fun!

There was a wonderful array of treasures to be claimed by the highest bidder. The items provided by our state and special-interest affiliates were amazing and tremendously varied. Thanks to all of the affiliates who contributed packages to support the auction!

As we moved on to the general merchandise segments, we were tempted by fabulous technology items, one-of-a-kind collectibles, sports memorabilia, an autographed guitar, jewelry, vacation packages, yummy homemade goodies, luxurious bath and body products, wonderful educational and just-for-fun books and tons of other wonderful offerings!

The auction brought in over $16,300 and we are so deeply grateful to all individuals and companies who contributed so generously. We also sincerely appreciate each person who supported the auction by coming and joining in the fun and fund-raising. Many thanks also go to the volunteers who helped set up and facilitate the smooth running of the various aspects of the auction.

Special acknowledgement to our three great auctioneers: Jeff Thom, Cindy Van Winkle and Mitch Pomerantz. It takes all of us working together, so congratulations for a job well done!

-- Brenda Dillon

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