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The announcement of products and services in this column does not represent an endorsement by the American Council of the Blind, its officers, or staff. Listings are free of charge for the benefit of our readers. "The Braille Forum" cannot be held responsible for the reliability of the products and services mentioned. To submit items for this column, send a message to [email protected], or phone the national office at 1-800-424-8666, and leave a message in Sharon Lovering's mailbox. Information must be received at least two months ahead of publication date.


Individuals with a disability ages 13-30 are needed to submit chapter-length non-fiction stories about their experiences as a disabled person for a new anthology. The intent of this project is to use personal voices to capture the experience of the new generation of young people with disabilities. Submissions should range from 2,000 to 5,000 words and are due before Jan. 15, 2011. Include your address, phone number, e-mail address and a short bio on the manuscript. E-mail proposed submissions or any questions to [email protected].


Horizons for the Blind recently launched, a new Internet-based service that makes consumer packaging information available in an accessible online format for people who are blind, visually impaired, or have trouble reading the small print on packages or labels. The site includes over 300,000 products in food, health and beauty and general merchandise. Users can find information about preparation directions, nutrition facts, ingredients, allergy/drug interaction warnings and more.


The popular video game Guitar Hero has been adapted to make it easier for people with disabilities to enjoy the fun. Enabling Devices has created a table-top control center as an alternative to the guitar-style controller. The adapted controller includes five colored buttons used to play each musical note, an arrow button to scroll through songs, and a start button. The package includes the adapted controller, a regular guitar controller for friends to join in, and two versions of the Guitar Hero game. For more information, call 1-800-832-8697 or visit


Name Your Tune is a children's music CD compilation that is made-to-order and personalized for each child. The goal of this product is to use familiar, beat-driven music to teach simple life lessons, foster positive self-esteem, and spark a love of music. The child's name is repeated in the song lyrics throughout the CD. Now, Name Your Tune 2 is available and includes 12 additional songs such as Lemon Drops and Gum Drops, Old McDonald Had a Zoo, 5 Little Monkeys, ABCs and 123s, Skinnamarink, Mr. Sunshine, and The Bucket. You can hear samples from these CDs at


Seedlings Braille Books for Children boasts a selection of 1,100 low-cost print-braille books for children from preschool to high school. Some of its newest additions include: "Clifford's Noisy Day," "Are You My Mommy?," "101 Ways to Bug Your Parents," "In the Line of Fire: Presidents' Lives at Stake." Seedlings' Book Angel Program provides two free books each year to children who are visually impaired and live in the U.S. and Canada. Children must register online and include their choice of four books, of which Seedlings will send them two. To register for the 2010 program before the end of the year, or to learn more about selection and pricing, visit You can request a catalog by calling 1-800-777-8552 or e-mailing [email protected].


Kristie Smith-Armand is a teacher for the visually impaired and an author. She has written three novels in the Adventures of Abby Diamond series. Abby is a girl detective who happens to be blind. The books are written for children ages 8-13. These books are available through Bookshare, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Kristie also writes a weekly blog for the Dallas Morning News, which focuses mainly on people with a visual impairment who lead productive, active lives. You can visit her web site at


Planet Dog offers an extensive line of organic dog treats, durable Orbee-Tuff® toys and soft, squeaky toys. Peppermint Cranberry Crunch, the newest holiday flavor, combines organic cranberries and pure peppermint extract to offer dogs valuable antioxidants. For the soft and squeaky toy lovers, Planet Dog offers the Naughty or Nice Li'l Buds and the Gingerbread Buddy, each made of super-soft fleece and including a double-bellow squeaker. The Orbee-Tuff® Glow for Good Ball is a bouncy, minty glow-in-the-dark ball. Every Planet Dog product is covered by the company's 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. To review the complete selection of products or make a purchase, visit or call 1-800-381-1516.


Sweet Tooth offers a selection of edible treats including fudge, lollipops, clusters, peanut butter cups, solid chocolate novelties from 250 different molds including guide dogs, and braille chocolate bars. Available braille greetings on chocolate bars include Happy Birthday, Love You, Have a Nice Day, Thank You, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. They weigh 4 1/2 ounces and can be made in milk, dark or white chocolate. They are bagged in cellophane and tied with ribbons. For more information, contact Sweet Tooth at (585) 544-1853 or send e-mail to [email protected].


Charlotte Lang is a blind entrepreneur who makes soaps, bath salts, shower gels, hand soaps, shampoos, bubble baths, lotions, body splashes, lip balms and scented jar candles. In soaps she offers shea butter, olive oil or goat's milk. She can mold the soaps into flowers, animals, nautical items, fantasy themes and basic shapes. Bath products come in 4 or 8 oz. bottles. Scents range from floral such as rose, lavender or honeysuckle, to fruit such as pomegranate, strawberry or cucumber melon to edible such as vanilla, coconut and butterscotch and everything in between. Lip balms are available in a variety of flavors. Candles are 8-ounce jars and have a burn time of up to 50 hours. For more information, e-mail [email protected] or call (952) 236-7517.


Cleanlogic, maker of skincare products, has made a corporate commitment to people who are blind or visually impaired. Every bottle of Cleanlogic bath and body products includes a braille label to aid in identification. In addition, the company has established the Inspiration Foundation to provide adaptive technology devices and professional opportunities to people who are blind or visually impaired. The Cleanlogic Collection includes body washes, lotions, an assortment of exfoliating bath accessories, and the Soap+Sponge. For more information about Cleanlogic Bath & Body Care, visit A video on the Inspiration Foundation is available at


Jywanza Maye is a consultant for Scentsy, a line of decorative ceramic warmers that melt a special wax to fragrance the home. Warmers are available in a variety of styles and colors. Scentsy offers over 80 scents in the wax bars. For more information, visit Jywanza's web site at or call (347) 878-6293.

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