Shortly after our 2009 convention, the Monthly Monetary Support (MMS) program committee kicked off its campaign to promote the program among our membership. The names of all new contributors, and all those existing participants who increased their contributions by at least $5 per month, were placed in a pot for a drawing to win a BookSense from GW Micro. The promotion began immediately following the 2009 convention in Orlando and ran through the end of our 2010 conference and convention in Phoenix. After the convention, the winner was selected using a random number program to ensure total fairness and objectivity. Each eligible contributor was numbered, and the computer program selected the magic number 39.

And 39 turned out to be Stephanie Hunolt of Kirksville, Mo.!! Congratulations to Stephanie, and we certainly hope she gets lots of good use out of her new BookSense.

This campaign was very successful, bringing lots of new participants into the MMS program. We greatly appreciate everyone who contributes to the program.

-- Ronald E. Milliman

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