by Charles S.P. Hodge

At its 47th annual convention, held in Louisville, Ky., in early July, ACB welcomed and honored a new delegation of life members, 22 to be exact, increasing ACB's overall life membership number by approximately 10 percent. As you will see below, individuals, affiliates and a chapter stepped up to the plate and purchased life memberships to honor deserving individuals. That chapter is the Hastings chapter of the ACB of Nebraska, which purchased six (yes, you've got that number right) life memberships to honor six of its members. This group of new life members includes Sally Baird, Larry Baumgartner, Lowell Popp, Donald Pohlmann, Vivian Pohlmann, and Howard Simons.

With deep sadness yet joy in the ongoing legacy of her many contributions on behalf of blind people of her state and of the nation, ACB of Ohio posthumously honored one of its longtime leaders, Arlene R. Cohen, with a life membership plaque. The North Carolina Council of the Blind continued its practice of honoring two of its members with life memberships, Allen Casey and Mary Catherine Jones. The Arkansas Council of the Blind presented Susie Weatherford with a life membership plaque. ACB of New York honored John Farina. The Tennessee Council of the Blind purchased a life membership to honor Pam Robison. Missouri presented Linda Burris with a life membership. Not to be outdone, the Mississippi Council purchased three life memberships, one each for Gary Austin, Luther Dement, and Doug Laprade. The Virginia Association of the Blind honored Hazel Burton with a life membership. Friends-in-Art purchased a life membership plaque to honor one of its members, the legendary storyteller John Dashney.

ACB president Mitch Pomerantz honored his wife, Donna, by purchasing a life membership on her behalf. An anonymous donor honored outgoing board member, and the outgoing president of the ACB of Texas, Ed "Doc" Bradley, by presenting him with a life membership plaque. Another anonymous donor honored David Lovern. And another anonymous donor honored Iris Edwards with a life membership plaque.

As a longstanding life member, it was heartening for me to welcome this bumper crop of new ACB life members to the ever-growing honor roll of life members. Once again, I thank the individuals, affiliates, and the local chapter from Nebraska for making that substantial commitment to ACB through your purchases of life memberships, thereby honoring deserving individuals.

You too can join the honor roll of life members. For more information, contact Lane Waters at ACB's Minnesota office at 1-800-866- 3242.

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