** Iowa Chapter Arranges Mexico Exchange

The Dubuque chapter of the Iowa Council of the United Blind arranged for a group of blind adults to visit Dubuque in October-November as a cultural exchange. Gaby Nesler's brother, who is blind, is the director of a center for the blind in Durango, Mexico, and he and the chapter planned the visit together. Now, the chapter is planning a return cultural exchange to Durango City, Mexico.

We are inviting people who are blind to go to Durango, Mexico, with us for one week, June 13-20, 2010. Housing, meals, etc., are covered by the center in Durango. Transportation to Durango is the only expense. We are hoping to get about 15 participants. Reprinted below is the invitation.

We'd like to invite you and the people willing to participate on this cultural exchange to come visit and enjoy our town. Durango, Mexico, which has a colonial background, hospitable people and a wide cultural tradition with a lot of artistic, culinary and outdoorsy activities, such as camping, hiking, biking, thermal spring, among others.

On Sunday, June 13th, you will be picked up from the airport or bus station on your arrival and then be taken to have a meal. Afterwards, we will take you to your lodgings.

Once you're settled in, we propose you to join us on this plan of activities:

- Walking around downtown Durango, taking a tour through very important historical places, such as: Juárez University head office building; Zambrano's Palace (settlement for the state's government offices); Escárcega's Palace (former City Hall), Governor's Official Residence, Cerro del Mercado (iron deposit, which gave rise to the city), Plaza de la Discapacidad (Handicap Place); Guadiana Park and Las Alamedas walk.

- Getting a little away from the city and visiting: El Pueblito (by the Tunal River, the best place to go for a picnic); Guadalupe Victoria reservoir; Chupaderos (former film sets); Peña del Águila reservoir; Canatlán de las Manzanas, El Edén (hydrothermal springs) and La Joya (water park).

- We will eat enormous country-style tacos at "Los Farolitos," tacos al pastor, gorditas and also taste the traditional menudo at "La Pavita."

These are among many other activities and surprises that you will discover once you are here.

The mayor will welcome you to the city, and the governor will greet you. You will also get the chance to say hi to the legislators during our visit to the house of deputies.

Anyone interested should call Bob or Gaby Nesler as soon as possible at (563) 557-0987.

** Light Your Way and Support the Work of Guide Dog Users of Florida

Guide Dog Users of Florida (GDUF) is one of the newest affiliates of FCB and Guide Dog Users, Inc. One of our primary goals is to educate guide dog users regarding their rights and responsibilities, with GDUF members serving as mentors for those who seek that assistance.

To promote safe travel for guide dog teams and all pedestrians, we would like to tell you about one of our current fundraisers, which is the sale of a Lighted Safety Arm Band. This is an LED light, visible up to one mile, with a three-position slide switch on the device. The middle position is the off position. Sliding the switch to one side causes the light to blink. Sliding the switch in the other direction displays a steady light. The band is adjustable to fit on an arm, an ankle or a guide dog harness, making it a natural fit for any pedestrian, bicyclist, or jogger. Pedestrians of all ages can benefit from the added safety of making drivers aware of their presence with this easy-to-use lighted arm band.

This safety arm band can be yours for a $10 donation to Guide Dog Users of Florida. To procure one, or more, please send your check or money order paid to the order of Guide Dog Users of Florida, to: Patricia A. Lipovsky, 1129 Bradenton Rd., Daytona Beach, FL 32114. If you would like to learn more about these arm bands, or have any further questions, you may reach her at (386) 255-0488, or via e-mail, [email protected].

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