by Paul Edwards

Join Library Users of America at the convention on July 14, 2010, for our second One Book, One ACB book discussion group. The broader concept of the "One Book ..." activity originally started as a community-wide reading, or "One Book," program designed to promote the value of reading by recommending a compelling book that links the community in a common conversation. Everyone reads the same book, and then people participate in One Book programs which encourage dialogue about a particular book, but also foster lifelong learning and the development of a strong community identity. Launched in Seattle in 1998 with great success, the "One Book" concept has swept the nation, and is a true reading/library phenomenon.

LUA is proud to be bringing this community-building experience to ACB once again with the second One Book, One ACB event. Please join us on Wednesday, July 14 at 3:30 p.m. for the One Book, One ACB book discussion group featuring the book "Crashing Through: A True Story of Risk, Adventure, and the Man Who Dared to See," by Robert Kurson.

Many of you may know Mike May, head of the Sendero Group. He has been at many ACB conventions. This book is about his experiences after surgery restored some of his sight. He was blinded at the age of three in a chemical accident. He was a well-adjusted, capable blind person. What made him decide to undergo this surgery? How did he adjust or not adjust to having some vision restored? Many of you may already have read this fascinating book. If you have, join us and share your impressions. If not, it is available on cassette from NLS as RC63747 and can be downloaded and read on a range of devices from BARD as DB 63747. It is available in braille as BR17156 and can be ordered from your cooperating network library or downloaded from Web-Braille. It is also available in a large print edition produced by Random House which can be ordered through interlibrary loan. Bookshare also has it and it can be obtained as a DAISY download through Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic as DL-HX195.

Last year our discussion was lively and thought-provoking. With Mike May's story, we expect an even more stimulating dialogue. Was what Mike did brave or foolhardy? Did he lose more than he gained? Would you opt to try surgery to get some sight back? Become a part of the discussion of "Crashing Through" and become a part of our one book, one ACB community!

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