2000 Holiday Wishes!

This holiday season,
of all the cards that frame my door,
there is one I like just a little more:
actually, I like it the very best -
it far surpasses the Hallmark test!
While some cards are musical and contain a microchip,
others picture Santa - ready for his yearly trip.
While some cards dazzle with golden print,
others are fragranced with peppermint.
Some cards are sprinkled with silver script and snow;
still other cards glitter with candles aglow.
A few include a recipe,
and most contain a rhyme.
A few arrive a little late,
but most are here on time.
However, not even a card by Currier and Ives could compare
to this one - this holiday card
created with loving care.
Some Christmas cards are scented with the sweet smell of pine;
but then, there is this one -
that is especially mine.
From Colorado, it came through the mail.
So, why is it special?
It's written in braille -
slated well by my young nephew's hand.
(He learned braille - not for himself,
but for me, you understand.)
Through these years, how his hand around the stylus has grown!
Yet, with each passing season, I have certainly known:
Eric's embossing all from "A" to "Z" -
these dots of Merry Christmas -
are his best gift to me.