The ACB-Chat List Is Back

by Bob Hachey

How many of you are looking for a friendly place to discuss the issues of the day with fellow ACB members and friends? If you answered yes, the recently created ACB-Chat list may be for you. This list, which is available on our web site,, welcomes a free range discussion of blindness, politics, sports, or whatever is on your mind. The only requirement is that all posts be presented respectfully and civilly.

The Chat list was formed for two reasons:

1. To create an accessible place for all of us to speak our minds, and

2. To help sharpen the focus of ACB-L such that only blindness issues are posted.

As moderator of ACB-L since September 2010, I found that some members of that list wanted to engage in very interesting discussions that were not necessarily blindness-related. I often had mixed feelings about stifling what were very stimulating discussions simply because they were not blindness-related. Now that the ACB-Chat list is in place, we can very easily migrate non-blindness-related discussions that may begin on ACB-L to ACB-Chat.

There is one other major difference between the two lists. While there is a posting limit on ACB-L, there is no such limit on the chat list. For the most part, the amount of e-mail traffic has been reduced on ACB-L so that it will be easier for very busy people to join the list. The ACB-Chat allows for increased volumes of e-mail traffic. It is my hope that most or all of ACB's officers and directors will decide to join ACB-L and participate in blindness-related discussions.

Anyone wishing to join either of the lists may do so at; then click on the "Join our e-mail discussion and information lists" link. You may also e-mail me directly at and I will be happy to subscribe you to either or both lists.