ACB Monthly Monetary Support Program (MMS) Funds Many Useful Services

by George Holliday

The ACB Monthly Monetary Support Program (MMS) operates throughout the year, with the big drive held during the annual conference and convention. This program helps fund many of the services ACB provides to its members and other blind folks throughout the nation and beyond.
Last year at the annual conference and convention in Las Vegas, Nev., the MMS committee staffed a table adjacent to the Mini Mall in the exhibit hall. During this week-long event, numerous members and friends visited the table and signed on as participants of the program.  Some of these contributors were new to the MMS program, while others were current contributors increasing their monthly donations to better assist ACB throughout the year.
In Dallas, Tex., members of the MMS committee will once again be waiting to talk with you about the program.  This year, if you choose to increase your monthly donation by $5, or start a monthly donation of $10, your form will be filled out using hard copy or via computer and printed for your signature at the table. Also, plans are being finalized to take your credit card information at the time of signature.  Additionally, we have been busy planning some interesting giveaways for participating members to the MMS program.  The list of giveaways are as follows: for every $5 increment of your start-up ($10 or more) or increase of your existing contribution, your name will be entered into a daily drawing of assorted gift cards on Monday, July 6, through Friday, July 10. There will be two drawings each morning at the general session.  So, the earlier you begin contributing, the better your chances are to win a daily drawing.  Also, for every new contributor or increase of $10 or more, you will receive a $5 gift certificate to be used exclusively at the Mini Mall.
Finally, everyone participating in the MMS program from the end of the 2014 convention in Las Vegas through the end of the 2015 convention in Dallas will have their name entered into the grand prize drawing for a new HumanWare Victor Reader Stream.
Just remember, all donations to the MMS program are tax-deductible and are automatically deducted from a checking account or charge card. A minimum of $10 per month is required to become a member of the MMS program. Forms can be obtained online, by calling the ACB office, or by visiting the MMS table near the exhibit hall in Dallas.
Affiliates can get involved and receive a portion of a donation, if the signee designates to have some portion, no more than half, donated to the affiliate. Affiliate presidents can assist ACB and your individual members to contribute by talking about the program.
Remember, while in Dallas, don’t forget to stop by the MMS table in the exhibit hall and say hello. We look forward to meeting new members and renewing old friendships at the convention in the lines at the MMS table!