Accessing the ACB Forum and E-Forum: Let Me Count the Ways, by Judy Wilkinson

We’re all justifiably proud of the many options our readers have for reading “The ACB Braille Forum” or the E-Forum. Our choices expand daily. We plan to bring new alternatives to you as we identify them. A large number of us now have the new generation Victor Reader Stream, so we’ll begin there, but we also have news for iTunes and iPhone 6 and 6+ users at the end of this article.
Thanks to the new generation Victor Reader Stream, we have the option of downloading the podcast version of the publication automatically every month.  Set your podcast feed up once, and it will be delivered to your Stream when available.
We hope the steps below are clear, but further assistance is available by pressing and holding the 1 key to enter the Stream user’s guide. Information on how to set up a wi-fi connection is in Section 6.8, and on subscribing to podcasts in 6.11 and 8.2.5.

  1. To download podcast feeds, you need to be connected to a wireless network.
  2. Press the top row center button so you’re on the wireless side of the system. Press and hold that button until you hear, “airplane mode off,” and depending what settings you have established, you may also hear, “connected to wi-fi.”
  3. Press the 1 key until you reach the podcast bookshelf.
  4. Press the 6 key until you hear “Add podcast feed” and press the confirm/enter key. Press the 8 key until you hear “HumanWare suggested podcasts.” Press confirm.
  5. When you hear “results found,” press the 6 key until you hear “ACB Braille Forum Podcast: American Council of the Blind” and press confirm. You will hear, “You are subscribed to a new podcast feed.”
  6. Return to your bookshelf by pressing 1. Press the 1 until you are once again on the podcast bookshelf. Sometimes, the most recent podcasts will download automatically, and other times not. Therefore, wait a minute or so and check the download status by pressing and holding the confirm key.
  7. Navigate to the Forum podcast with the 6 and/or 4 depending on which direction you desire, and when you hear “ACB podcast” press enter. You will hear, “0 episodes, get more episodes,” press confirm. Use your 6 key until you hear the month you wish to download and then press confirm.
  8. If you would like to receive “ACB Reports,” a monthly, half-hour audio program on issues related to sight loss and blindness, return to the HumanWare-suggested podcasts and continue to press the 6 key until you hear, “ACB Reports” and press confirm again to subscribe.

If you have any questions about the above process, call me directly at (510) 388-5079.
News Flash
As of Nov. 19, 2014, “The ACB Braille Forum” and “ACB Reports” podcasts are available in the iTunes store. Search for “Braille Forum” in the iTunes store; you will see the RSS feed appear, then you can subscribe to it. Search for “ACB Reports” and that feed will appear as well.
If you have the iPhone 6 or 6+ you can double tap on the podcasts icon and search for either “Braille Forum” or “ACB Reports” and find the podcasts.
Happy listening!