August 2, 2010, Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Publications

Meeting Minutes
August 2, 2010

The ACB Board of Publications met via teleconference on Monday, August 2 at approximately 9:10pm (EDT). Members present were: Paul Edwards, Marcia Dresser, Judy Jackson, Jenine Stanley, Ken Stewart. Ex Oficio members present were: Berl Colley; Absent: Michael Malver, Ronald Milliman and Larry Turnbull; ACB Staff/contractors present, Sharon Lovering.


Ken moved to adopt the agenda as presented. The motion was seconded and adopted.


Marcia moved to adopt the July minutes as presented. The motion was seconded and adopted.

PR Committee:

Marcia moved to accept the report submitted by Ron Milliman regarding the activities of the PR Committee. The motion was seconded and adopted.

ACB Radio:

Paul reported that there is work on bringing in advertising to support ACB Radio’s costs. He noted that more work needs done to promote listening among ACb members. There is currently an average of 70 listeners at any given time for the various streams.

Social Networking Task Force:

Jenine reported that the group has chosen Natalie Byers of Illinois as our Twitter Administrator. The position of Facebook Administrator is still open. The group will meet during the second week in August to discuss policy issues.

Drupal Working Group:

Jenine reported that there will be a meeting in August to discuss progress on test pages for the web site.

Editor’s Report:

Sharon noted that she is currently working on the September issue of the Braille Forum and completing duplication of the August issue.

Regarding the convention issue, assignments were divided as follows:

1.Sunday – Sharon
2.Monday – Ken
3.Tuesday – Jenine
4.Wednesday – Paul
5.Thursday – Marcia
6.Friday – Judy
Summary articles should be in to Sharon by the first week in September.

Internet Oversight Committee:

This committee is no longer constitutionally mandated but will remain as an ad hoc committee. Ken noted that he would like to remain the BOP representative to this committee if possible. Paul restated that he will be discussing committee makeup and representation with Mitch Pomerantz but that it is never the BOP’s intension to micro-manage any committee.

Convention Review:

Paul noted that both the Social Networking Workshop and Candidates Forum went well. Ken cited some issues with acoustics in the Candidates Forum. The group discussed ways to handle the Candidates Page next year and will revisit that issue in future meetings.

Due to excessive costs, the BOP was unable to provide the Convention Ear service this year. Sharon reported though that the newspaper production went well. People were very satisfied with the new advertising policy.

CCLVI Survey:

Ken reported that there are not yet results from the survey taken by the Council of citizens with Low Vision on types of fonts and other print-related amenities in the Braille Forum. He will have a more detailed report for the September meeting.

Paul noted that in his discussions with CCLVI members, he assured them that the glossy stock used for the cover will not be part of any future bids. “Off-white” background will be used with print no smaller than 18-point for the cover. He encouraged Ken to get as much specific information as possible about font choices. CCLVI intends to produce a white paper on production standards for large print materials. The BOP enthusiastically supports this effort.


Paul noted that the contract bidding will be different in that Melanie Brunson and Lane Waters will both be directly involved in drawing up contracts and reviewing bids. They will present the process at the September meeting. The BOP authorized Paul to speak on our behalf in any meetings leading up to contract preparation.

Policy Manual:

Paul asked the BOP to look at the 2009 Policy Manual and begin to choose sections to review and edit. Jenine will send everyone the manual as an email attachment.


The BOP remarked favorably on the timeliness of the July issue considering the staff changes and convention preparation.

Unfinished Business:

Ken agreed to post information about copyright issues prior to the September meeting for discussion.

New Business:

Ken asked about the purging of various mailing lists. Paul noted that he will meet with Sharon and Melanie in August and they will discuss this issue. Sharon will have a report regarding the most efficient means of purging our lists at the September meeting.

Next Meeting:

The BOP will meet via teleconference on Monday, September 6 at 9:00pm (EDT).


Paul moved to adjourn at approximately 11:15pm (EDT). The motion was seconded and adopted.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jenine Stanley,
Recording Secretary