Celebrate the Life and Legacy of Durward K. McDaniel Support the DKM FirstTimer Program

by Kenneth Semien Sr.
The Durward K. McDaniel First-Timer Program Committee beckons your support for a rewarding year filled with successful outcomes. Join us in reaching out to more enthusiastic and committed members in your state and special-interest affiliate. Let’s explore various ways that you can assist in elevating acknowledgments of the lifetime achievements of the father of ACB.
In addition to encouraging a member who has never attended an ACB conference and convention to read the January 2017 Forum article entitled “Reach for the Adventure of a Lifetime” or the February E-Forum article “Explore All That ACB Has to Offer,” you can encourage a member to apply for the 2017 First-Timer Award and offer moral support to them.
You could also make a financial contribution to the 2017 DKM First-Timer Gift Card Fundraiser. Whether it is online or on land, we will present gift cards with varying values that you can utilize throughout the nation. For a $5 contribution, your name will be entered into an appreciation drawing for an opportunity to win one gift card, and for every $10 contribution you extend your opportunity with three entries. It’s simple — give a committee member your contribution and your name and contact information, and you are very likely to be a winner. You can either obtain your gift card during the DKM First-Timer Reception, scheduled for Wednesday, July 5 in Reno, or receive a call or text alerting you that you are a winner. Participants need not be present to win. We will mail your gift card shortly after the convention to the address you provide.
Be sure to purchase a ticket to participate in the 2017 DKM First-Timer Reception as you register for the convention. Stop by the ACB Mini Mall or stop by the DKM First-Timer booth in the ACB Marketplace on Saturday evening prior to the opening session, or acquire tickets at the same location on Tuesday before the general session begins and during the break. A special segment of the 2017 DKM First-Timer Reception will feature recognition for those who contribute $100 or more to the DKM First-Timer Program. Together we can go beyond all limits.
Join the fun! Come and celebrate with the 2017 recipients of the DKM First-Timer Award. The committee is excited to be able to greet you there. For more information, send an e-mail to Kenneth Semien Sr. at semien@sbcglobal.net or dial (409) 866-5838.