Convention Standing Rules, Adopted July 4, 2005

American Council of the Blind
Convention Standing Rules
Adopted July 4, 2005
1. Each debatable issue before the convention shall be limited to approximately twenty (20) minutes with a three minute time limit per speaker alternating between affirmative and opposing speakers unless a majority of the members agree to extend debate for an additional period of time.

A. Motions to close debate will not be recognized by the chair during the first debate period. After the first debate period, properly moved motions such as “I call for the question” or “I move the previous question”, will be handled by the chair and voted on by the assembly.

B. The chair may close debate when no one seeks the floor.

C. Each member is respectfully urged to speak directly to the issue before the assembly and avoid unnecessary and time consuming dialogue.

D. No member will be recognized a second time to debate until all who wish to debate have been recognized.

E. The Parliamentarian will act as time keeper.

2. Recognition to speak will be given to those members who properly address the chair using the microphones and giving their names. Motions that may interrupt a speaker may be called from your seat, responded to by the chair, and explained by the mover at a microphone. (Point of Order, Point of Information, Parliamentary Inquiry, Question of Privilege, etc.)

3. Registration badges are required to be worn at all convention meetings and only those members with an orange dot are allowed to vote during the business meeting.

4. Convention Program changes may be made as deemed necessary by the chair or his appointee unless objected to by a member.

5. Nominating and seconding speeches shall be limited to five minutes per candidate with the speaking time to be allocated according to the candidates wishes. A person nominated for an office for a second time shall be limited to two minutes.

6. When no candidate for office receives a majority vote, the election shall be dropped to the top two candidates. Affiliate votes will be given in whole or half numbers.

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