First-Timers Enrich Convention and Vice Versa

If you attended the 2013 ACB conference and convention in Columbus, you had the pleasure of hearing and meeting the 2013 DKM first-timers: Frank Ventura and Guillermo Robles.  Both Frank and Guillermo were enriched by the experience and by their new acquaintances in ACB.  Next year ACB and the DKM committee will give two more up-and-coming leaders the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of learning and interaction provided by the convention.
In January 2014, the official invitation to apply for DKM first-timer selection will be extended to the ACB family.  Eligible applicants must meet each of the following criteria: be age 18 or older; blind or visually impaired; member in good standing of ACB or one of its state or national affiliates; never have attended the ACB national conference and convention.
Between now and January, identify members of your ACB affiliate who meet these criteria and who show leadership potential.  Urge them to apply for the first timer program.  In addition to a letter of application, eligible individuals also must submit a letter of recommendation from their respective affiliate president.  Watch the January "ACB Braille Forum" for the DKM application announcement and the beginning of an enriching journey.