** FOR SALE: Braille Lite M40 with charger, sync cables and floppy disks. Asking $400 (negotiable). Contact Aaron at (502) 541-1167 via e-mail, blindgeek1989@gmail.com.

** FOR SALE: Desktop ALVA ABT-3 model in working order. Comes with case and AC adapter. Asking $1,500. Contact Sebastian Whittaker at (281) 931-8007 or e-mail mr.whittaker@sbcglobal.net.

** FOR SALE: Maestro with Trekker option versions 2.0 and 3.0. Comes with the Braille Key Maestro, which can be used for entries instead of the phone-style keypad on the actual PDA. Also includes long-lasting battery, 2 memory cards, Trekker map CDs, the installation CDs, the speaker, 2 cradle battery chargers, all the cables and the braille quick-start guide. Asking $2,000. Contact Anja at (207) 907-4443 or e-mail her at birds10@roadrunner.com. Check or money order accepted.

** FOR SALE: PAC Mate signature edition with 40-cell display, qwerty keyboard, all cables and leather case. Asking $1,000 or best offer. Contact Henry Ryberg via e-mail, hryberg@cox.net, or phone at (480) 615-3347. Or write to him in braille at 155 W. Brown Rd. Apt. 125, Mesa, AZ 85201.

** FOR SALE: Braillle Note mPOWER 18-cell with Keysoft 7. Asking $1,000. Contact Steve at (601) 415-7987.

** FOR SALE: Freedom Scientific's JAWS (TM) Program, voice output for Windows, current edition with shipping and license transfer fee paid by seller. Asking $775. Contact Peter via e-mail, einteilig@att.net.

** FOR SALE: Trekker. Asking $1,200. Contact Bob at (609) 912-0657 or (609) 802-3116.

** WANTED: Donation of Macintosh computer with Tiger operating system and braille keyboard overlay. Contact Tonya Smith at 1665 Paree, Newport, MI 48166.