High Tech Swap Shop


Clearview Optelec with 22" monitor.  In excellent condition.  Asking $2,400.  Vantage Telesensory CCTV with 13" monitor.  Asking $600.  Handheld Optelec Clearview, about a year and a half old.  Asking $350.  Optelec Spectrum SVGA that connects with your computer.  Asking $1,000.  PAC Mate, used once, four years old.  Asking $400.  Contact Bonnie Lyon at (707) 748-2111.


Sanyo flip phone, less than a year old.  Asking $100.  Jitterbug phone, less than six months old, rarely used.  Asking $100.  Smartview 5000 CCTV, like new, used less than 100 hours.  Asking $2,500 or best offer.  Two brand-new talking watches, still in the box.  Asking $25 each.  Contact Steven Brown at (614) 604-7260.


BrailleNote mPOWER BT, 32 cells, version 7.5 build 28.  Comes with AC adapter.  Has faint braille display.  Asking $1,800 or best offer. ScannaR Reading Machine (needs repair).  Comes with power cable.  Asking $500 or best offer. Kurzweil speech software version 10 (needs upgrading).  Asking $350 or best offer. JAWS version 9 (needs upgrading). Asking $300 or best offer. Jot-a-Dot pocket braille writer (comes with manuals in print and on CD-ROM).  Asking $150 or best offer. Ultracane collapsible white cane that uses two AA batteries. Comes with shoulder bag. Asking $200 or best offer.  For further information, call Ibrahim Umar Abdulkarim at 011-234-803-214-6802, or send a letter in braille or on 2-track audio cassette tape to P.O.  Box 5426, Kano, Kano State 700001, Nigeria.


Looking for a pre-Omni PAC Mate.  Can't pay very much, but willing to pay in installments.  Would prefer to see and test the unit before making first payment.  Contact James Congdon at (414) 727-0855.


Open Book 7 and Speaks SAPI 4 synthesizer software to repair my Open Book 7 software.  Contact Bob Groff Jr. at (501) 589-2886.