• FOR SALE: Braille Plus Mobile Manager in good working condition, with owner's manual, extra cables and Executive Products case.  Asking $750 or best offer, including shipping. Contact Steve Bauer at (316) 882-7561 or via e-mail, sbauer53@sbcglobal.net.
  • FOR SALE: Brand-new Toshiba with Windows XP Professional, 250-gig hard drive, 3 gigs RAM, JAWS and ZoomText.  Asking $550.  Desktop computer with Windows 7 Home Premium, 2-terrabyte hard drive, 3 gigs RAM, and JAWS.  Asking $650.  Sony four-track tape recorder.  Asking $75.  Contact Jose at (818) 220-6256.
  • FOR SALE: VersaPoint braille printer.  Asking $500 or best offer.  Optacon 2.  Asking $500 or best offer.  Call Jane at (816) 505-1227 or e-mail jedwards9997@sbcglobal.net.
  • FOR SALE: PenFriend Audio Labeler, never used, still in its box.  Asking $100.  Contact Audrey at (212) 614-8764, or by e-mail, audjoy@ajlmusic.org.
  • FOR SALE: Optelec Clearview 500 color CCTV.  In perfect condition.  Comes with the cables.  Hooks up to any size TV.  Asking $600 or best offer.  Contact Jimmy Giles at (703) 229-3441.
  • FOR SALE: Portable Flipper CCTV with 12" monitor.  Five years old, barely used.  Comes with battery pack, backpack, all cords, instruction manual, and 12" monitor.  Asking $600.  Contact David at (318) 560-8233.
  • FOR SALE: Two Perkins braillers.  Asking $200 each.  Victor Reader.  Asking $224.  Freedom Scientific Braille Lite M20.  Asking $450.  Nokia cordless pocket keyboard.  Asking $34.  HP 5400 scanner.  Asking $43. Aladdin Telesensory Xerox Strategic Partner. $425 or best offer. Brand new games/toys with brailled pieces.  Dominoes and board, $23.  Chess pieces and board, $34. Checkers, $15.  Braille playing cards, two packs, asking $5 each pack.  3* sounded table tennis balls and paddles, $15.  Monopoly board, $10. Contact June Galloway, Dnj.galloway@starpower.net, or by phone, (202) 882-3816.
  • WANTED: External keyboard for the Romeo B-40 braille printer.  Contact Mohammed Aziz at (858) 578-5458 or e-mail aziz1@sbcglobal.net.
  • WANTED: Someone who writes JAWS scripts for a program called Serato.  If interested, call Victor at (917) 559-3800 or e-mail andrews17@verizon.net.