High Tech Swap Shop

For Sale: Black-and-white Aladdin Telesensory CCTV in great condition.  Comes with power cord; easy to use.  Asking $500.  Contact Cheryl at (215) 435-2625.
For Sale: Freedom Scientific PAC Mate BX 400 refreshable braille display.  Comes with carrying case, power cord and cables.  In original box.  Asking $1,200, including insurance and shipping in the United States only.  Contact Rod Bulloch at (801) 225-1835.
For Sale: i.d. mate 2 from En-vision America.  In good condition.  Comes with carrying case and power cord. Asking $200 plus shipping.  Call Caroline at (828) 297-5346 or e-mail sabrah@skybest.com.
For Sale: Large quantity of Rosie the Reminder talking clock, an alarm clock with the ability to record reminders for day and time of your choosing. Voice activated. Asking $99 plus $15 shipping.  For more information and/or an MP3 demo, call Jeff at (612) 869-7410, or send e-mail to mplsjeffm@gmail.com.
For Sale:  AmbuTech Mobility Aid iGlasses. Asking $80.  PowerBraille 81 braille display.  Asking $500.  Franklin Language Master Talking Dictionary and Thesaurus.  Asking $50.  Robotron C2 Talking Compass. Asking $45.  Juliet Classic braille embosser.  Asking $500.  All prices negotiable and do not include shipping.  All items come with accessories.  Call Dave at (519) 669-1456 or e-mail him, dvm975@gmail.com, if interested.
For Sale: BrailleNote mPOWER 32-cell refreshable braille display with Perkins-style keyboard. Comes with all documentation.  Gently used; in good condition.  Asking $1,500.  Contact Ann Wassermann at (732) 222-3510.
Wanted: I'm looking for an audible multi-meter, the kind that's used to detect different voltage levels. Also looking for a Sharp talking calculator-clock. Contact Wayne Coxey at (509) 783-0330.