I'm Walkin'

by Berl Colley

"I'm Walkin'" was the name of a song recorded by early rock-and-roll legend Fats Domino.  You can be walkin' while discovering the world of Columbus, Ohio at Goodale Park, which is close to the Hyatt, our convention home this year.
We will hold our fifth annual Walk-A-Thon on Saturday, July 6, and lots of prizes will be given out to those who participate, there in Columbus or at another site.  Goodale Park has a half-mile track that we will be using, so you may walk around it more than once.  The walk committee is working to make sure that there will be enough volunteers to provide an arm, or a back, for guidance.
To participate in this year's event, do one of the following:
Step 1:  Sign up for the walk by paying an entry fee of only $25.  You may do this one of three ways: register online as an individual or a team by clicking the walk link on www.acb.org, by requesting assistance with online registration by calling Donna Brown at (304) 822-4679, or by filling out a hard-copy form.  You may request one from the ACB national office or downloading one yourself from the ACB web site.
Step 2:  Begin collecting donations.  Just ask everyone you know, and even people you don't know.  You may be surprised! Don't forget to ask your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and businesses.
Step 3:  Walk proudly for ACB! You may walk either onsite in Columbus or in the comfort of your own community.
Once again, prizes will be awarded to individuals and teams who reach various levels of received donations, and to onsite walkers.  If you have any questions about the walk, contact Dan Dillon, chair of the walk committee, at (615) 874-1223 or e-mail dan.dillon@comcast.net. Please join us and you can sing like Fats, "I'm Walkin'."