Important Announcements From The ACB National Office

by Melanie Brunson

I have two announcements to share with you this month.  Both concern changes.  We have made some changes to our ACB telephone service that you should find helpful.  We will also have one change in our ACB staff by the end of 2012. 
First, ACB recently began working with a new telephone company, and when we made this change, we were able to make some changes to how we handle telephone calls that come into the office.  We now answer our 800 line during the entire business day.  If you call during business hours and want to listen to the Washington Connection, staff members can transfer your call to the Washington Connection menu.  We think these changes will increase both our ability to respond promptly to requests for information and assistance from callers, and the accessibility of the information in the Washington Connection.  Callers will now have a greater likelihood of getting the information they need when they call, rather than having to wait for it.
The other change I have to report to you is not so positive.  Steven Obremski has resigned his position as ACB's director of development.  As of Dec. 15, he will be leaving our staff.  During the last 18 months, Steve's sense of humor and his sense of purpose have been a tremendous help to both the ACB staff, and the committees he worked with, as we wrestled with how to maximize ACB's resources in the midst of very challenging economic times.  His insights were crucial to the development and launch of several initiatives that I believe will benefit ACB for years to come.  He played a key role in the development of the advisory board proposal that the membership approved last July, he has enhanced our direct mail program, and increased our visibility in the Combined Federal Campaign, but these are just a few examples of the things he has accomplished during his time with ACB.  Thank you, Steve, for your hard work and diligence on behalf of ACB.  They have been very much appreciated.  We wish you the best in your professional endeavors, and all that you do in the year ahead.