January 3, 2011, Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Publications

Meeting Minutes
January 3, 2011

The ACB Board of Publications met via teleconference on Monday, January 3, at approximately 9:05pm (EST). Members present were: Paul Edwards, Marcia Dresser, Judy Jackson, Jenine Stanley, and Ken Stewart. Ex Oficio members present were: Berl Colley, Bob Hachey and Larry Turnbull; Absent: Ron Milliman. ACB Staff present were: Sharon Lovering.

Approval of Minutes:

Paul moved to accept the minutes as amended. The motion was seconded and adopted.

PR Committee Report:

Ron Milliman submitted a report prior to the meeting stating the work continues on the committee’s latest handbook on marketing. They plan to have it ready for distribution at the national conference and convention.

Oral History Project:

Berl reported that the Oral History Project is currently on hold though he has two interviews pending.

DAISY Committee:

Berl reported that training with the DAISY software will take place January 20, 22 and February 1. He will send call-in details to the BOP for those interested.

ACB Radio:

Larry reported that ACB Radio’s holiday programming, including a simulcast of the New Year’s Eve festivities in each time zone in the US with The Legend internet radio station, was well received. We have shared our first program, Sound Prints, with the IAAIS. Paul suggested that Larry talk with Mike Duke to assess what other programs, such as Main Menu, might be of interest to audio information service listeners.

Larry reported listener numbers for December as follows: Acb Radio Café – 75 to 80 average; ACB Radio Interactive – 20 to 25 average; ACB Radio Mainstream – 20 to 30 average; ACB Radio treasure Trove – 70 to 80 average.

The most popular shows are Main Menu and Sound Prints and The Beacon, from IAAIS.

There will be a staff meeting for all ACB Radio broadcasters on January 22. Larry will also meet with Mitch Pomerantz, Marlaina Lieberg, Michael Garret and Margarim Beaman regarding sponsorship for Acb Radio.

Larry reported that he continues to work on upgrading the ACB server. There was a brief outage recently due to internet service provider issues but no data was lost.

Editor’s Report:

Sharon reported that she is currently finishing the February issue. Deadline for the March issue will be extended to allow for discussion of an article from the BOP regarding the Candidates Page in 2011.

Internet Oversight Committee:

Bob reported that he has sent out the revised list rules regarding advertising.

Social Networking:

Jenine reported that the January meeting is the first time a BOP meeting announcement was tweeted to the membership.

ACB Liquidity:

Paul reported that he made the decision to keep in place plans to restrict provision of the Braille Forum in hard copy to only current members or those who pay a subscription fee. Ken moved that the BOP endorse Paul’s decision to continue plans in this manner. The motion was seconded and adopted.

Paul explained that the Acb board would be meeting on January 11 to restructure the budget after a significant donation received in December that would allow for changes to our original recommendation regarding number of issues of the Braille Forum. The BOP held a lengthy discussion about appropriate number of issues and size of issues.

Jenine moved that the BOP recommend production of 10 issues for the next calendar year, 9 of which would be 32 large print pages and 1 of which, being devoted to the convention coverage, be up to 48 large print pages, and that the plans continue to offer hard copy editions oof the Braille Forum only to paid members or subscribers paying the $25.00 per year subscription fee. The motion was seconded and adopted.

A lenghty discussion regarding improvements to the Braille Forum took place. The BOP will broach this topic during its public meeting at the Acb Mid-Year Presidents Meeting on February 25.

ACB Mid-Year Presidents Meeting:

Paul stated that the BOP will discuss the name of the Braille Forum and ways to improve the publication during its meeting. During the general session, BOP members will lead a discussion of alternatives to cassettes. He hopes that we will be able to announce a cooperative agreement with NLS to feature the Braille Forum on the BARD site and Web Braille for download.

Candidates Page:

After a discussion about an article regarding the 2011 Candidates Page, the BOP came to the following decision: Judy moved to dispense with the Candidates Page for 2011 and replace the article that appears in the March Braille Forum with an article discussing offices and term limits and the importance of getting involved. The motion was seconded and went to a roll call vote as follows: Paul Edwards – Yes, Judy Jackson – Yes, Jenine Stanley –yes; Marcia Dresser –No, Ken Stewart – No. The motion was adopted.

Marcia, Ken and Judy will write this artricle and present it to the BOP at the Febuary 7 meeting. Sharon will extend the publication deadline to include the article as approved by the BOP.

Pedestrian Handbook:

Paul reported that the Pedestrian Handbook is currently in his possession and should be completed by January. Ken offered assistance in the editing process.

Next Meeting:

The BOP will meet via teleconference on Monday, February 7 at 9:00pm EDT.

Adjournment: BOB MOVED TO ADJOURN AT APPROXIMATELY !!:35pm EDT. The motion was seconded and adopted.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jenine Stanley,
Recording Secretary