Join the DKM Tradition before April 1

by Allen Casey

The first-timer tradition is a vital feature of recent ACB history.  Its purpose has been and remains the honoring of an ACB pioneer and the encouragement of new leadership in ACB.  As the April 1 deadline for receipt of 2013 DKM first-timer applications nears, interested applicants from east and west of the Mississippi River should assess their desire to join the ranks of future ACB leaders.
To be considered for selection, applicants must meet these qualifications: be age 18 or older; have never attended an ACB conference and convention; be a member in good standing of ACB or an affiliate; and be blind or visually impaired.  Additionally, each applicant must submit a letter describing his/her interest, qualifications and accomplishments, as well as the importance of being selected as a first-timer.  The president of the applicant's ACB affiliate also must provide a letter of recommendation.  All materials are due in the ACB national office no later than April 1.  Questions should be directed to DKM chair Allen Casey at (336) 222-0201 or
All ACB members attending the 2013 conference and convention are invited to attend the DKM reception on Wednesday evening, July 10, as we recognize the newly selected Durward K. McDaniel first-timers.  Watch for details in the pre-registration packet.