Join the Stampede at the ACB Brenda Dillon Memorial Walk

by Donna Brown

The 7th annual ACB Brenda Dillon Memorial Walk will be held on Sunday, July 5, at 7 a.m. during the ACB conference and convention in Dallas, Tex. This year’s walk will be held in the hotel at the Downtown Sheraton.  The walk will start in a hotel conference room, continue across a scenic second-floor skywalk to the Plaza of Americas food court and return to the hotel.
Last year’s walk had 22 teams and raised over $37,000 for ACB and its affiliates.  Our goal this year is to have 30 teams and raise over $40,000. Affiliate teams can split up to 50 percent of their registration fees and donation pledges with their state and special-interest affiliates.  The registration fee is $25.  Each on-site walker will receive an official walk hat, drinks and snacks, and top participant plaques in various categories.
We are excited to announce a new web site for the walk. The URL is  Each team will be able to create its own web page with photos and a real-time scoreboard.  You can contact walk chair Donna Brown at (304) 822-4679 or Nancy Becker in the Minnesota office at (612) 322-3242.
This is a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends in a relaxed environment inside the hotel.  Lasso your affiliate teammates and head to the ACB Brenda Dillon Memorial Walk Stampede!