June 22, 2004, Board Meeting Minutes

American Council of the Blind
Board Meeting Conference Call
June 22, 2004

President Chris Gray called the meeting to order at 9:05pm Central Daylight Time.

The roll call was taken by Secretary Donna Seliger. All officers and directors were present with the exception of Mr. Jerry Annunzio and Mr. Alan Beatty. Neither Ms. Brunson nor Mr. Olsen was present.

President Gray reviewed the agenda for the meeting.

1. Request involving RSVA situation

2. Ideas for “Rules For the Road”

3. Financial Report

Motion 1: Mr. Pomerantz moved to approve the agenda. The motion carried with one dissenting vote.

President Gray reviewed a request made to the ACB President by Mr. Ron Eller, a member of the RSVA board. Mr. Eller asked that the ACB President intervene in an unfortunate situation involving the RSVA board.

Mr. Trott stated that he asked Mr. Gray for the opinion of the ACB Board in solving the problems. He explained that some members of the RSVA Board wished information from President Richard Bird and Ms. Kim Venable, treasurer, that was not forthcoming.

Ms. Bazyn discussed the actions of the RSVA Planning Committee. She stated that three members of the RSVA board had asked for information pertaining to the finances. She stated the Planning Committee performed an internal audit just prior to this meeting. The committee found no irregularities and that everything was well documented. All IRS forms are completed by a CPA each year.

President Gray further discussed the issue by stating that he was concerned this problem might be detrimental to ACB and its affiliates.

President Gray recommended that he write to Mr. Eller and President Bird stating that we (ACB Board) are available if needed.

Mr. Edwards suggested that President Gray offer to meet with the President of RSVA and a representative of the other side.

Motion 2: Mr. Edwards moved that the President and the ACB Board appreciates the communications we have received from Mr. Eller and President Bird and that the President of the American Council of the Blind offers his good offices in a meeting with the President of RSVA and one of the Board members who have expressed concern. That meeting would occur prior to the RSVA board meeting if both sides agree to it happening. The motion carried on a voice vote unanimously.

Item 2: Rules of the Road. President Gray stated some ground rules should be established near the beginning of the convention concerning discussion and debate. Suggestions were sought as to how we should proceed with business.

The consensus of the Board was to have four to five speakers on each side with a maximum of a two-minute limit per person.

At this time, President Gray said ACB does not have a parliamentarian for the convention, but work is being done toward getting one before the beginning of convention. Mr. Edwards made several suggestions to President Gray on handling nominations and elections to expedite the process.

Item 3: The financial report. Mr. Olsen will send a financial statement to the Board prior to the convention.

Mr. Edwards, chair of ACBES, has met its goal through May and profits are slightly up.

President Gray reported that we seem to be ahead of projections with income.

Mr. Olsen indicated to President Gray and Mr. Pomerantz that he was interested in having the MMS forms In the registration area to be distributed.

Motion 3: Mr. Pomerantz moved to adjourn. The motion carried and the meeting ended at 10:15pm Central Daylight Time.

Respectfully Submitted,
Donna Seliger, Secretary