March 4, 2003, Board Meeting Minutes

American Council of the Blind
Conference Call
March 4, 2003

President Gray brought the meeting to order at 8:07PM Central Standard Time.

Roll call was taken by the Secretary, Donna Seliger. Mr. Beatty was absent. Also on the call were Mr. Crawford and Mr. Olsen.

Mr. Speicher reported about an idea he had for ICUB and GDUI to work together to contribute to a fund for legal research of access and possible defenses in cases, but not specifically the Dohmen complaint.

Mr. Pomerantz stated that the GDUI board met and Mr. Speicher presented his idea. The Guide Dog Users, Inc. board voted not to support Mr. Speicher’s proposal.

The Reasonable Accommodations Regulations document was read and discussed. Ms. Cynthia Towers brought it to the Mid-Year Board Meeting, however, there wasn’t time to discuss it fully at that time.

Motion 1: Mr. Charlson moved adoption of the policy as distributed. The motion carried after some modifications were made to the document.

Motion 2: Mr. Pomerantz proposed that the document be referred back to the committee for some modification. The motion failed.

Next, a discussion was held concerning the administration of the budget centers and cost centers.

Mr. Charlson stated that there are two goals of the budget tracking process. The first is so that one can view the finances in a more real time scenario. The second is that when we meet in July, the most recent financial report should be from April.

There were several questions, ideas and suggestions made by various members of the Board.

Motion 3: Mr. Miller moved that we direct the Budget Committee to explore ASAP the feasibility of using the single budget center concept referred to earlier. The motion carried.

President Gray determined the board would meet again on April 8, 2003 to discuss the re-worked budget center document and to discuss the 2008 convention bid. This would give the Budget Committee three weeks to finalize the document and then two weeks for the Board to review it.

Motion 4: Mr. Miller moved to adjourn. The motion carried and the meeting ended at 9:50PM Central Standard Time.

Respectfully Submitted,
Donna Seliger