October 4, 2010, Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Publications

Meeting Minutes
October 4, 2010

The ACB Board of Publications met via teleconference on Monday, October 4, at approximately 9:05pm (EDT). Members present were: Paul Edwards, Marcia Dresser, Judy Jackson, Jenine Stanley, Ken Stewart. Ex Oficio members present were: Larry Turnbull and Bob Hachey; Absent: Berl Colley, Ronald Milliman; ACB Staff/contractors present, Melanie Brunson and Sharon Lovering.


Jenine moved to accept the proposed agenda. The motion was seconded and adopted.


Judy moved to accept the September minutes. The motion was seconded and adopted.

PR Committee:

There was no meeting in September on which to report.

ACB Radio:

Larry reported that ACB Radio will be hosting two major events in October. Debbie Hazelton will host a live program on ACB Radio Mainstream with representatives of Vanda Pharmaceuticals regarding their study of Non-24-hour Sleep-Wake Disorder in totally blind people. On October 14, in conjunction with HBO, Cinema Films, ACB Radio World will air audio description for the documentary Monica and David. This is a one-time airing though negotiations are in place for other airings of the audio description.

A number of ACB affiliates will be streaming their state conventions in the coming month including: Alaska, Pennsylvania, California and Washington.

Editor’s Report:

Sharon reported that the November issue of the Braille forum will go to press this week.

The BOP asked Sharon to track returns for September to evaluate the possibility of purging the lists. Sharon noted that often the post office will hold such mail until it accumulates so some of the returns she received are from as far back as April, 2010. She gave detailed statistics for how many returns came in from those with no longer valid addresses as follows:

Braille: 1 Cassette: 3 Large Print: 1 CD: 0 other (letters, postcards, etc.): 3

Braille: 0 Cassette: 2 Large Print: 2 CD: 0 other: 1

Braille: 4 Cassette: 1 Large Print: 1 CD: 4 other: 0

Braille: 0 Cassette: 2 Large Print: 1 CD: 1 other: 2

Braille: 4 Cassette: 1 Large Print: 1 CD: 0 other: 2

Braille: 0 Cassette: 1 Large Print: 0 CD: 1 other: 2

Braille: 1 Cassette: 45 Large Print: 103 CD: 0 other: 380

Braille: 2 Cassette: 0 Large Print: 0 CD: 0 other: 0

Braille: 4 Cassette: 1 Large Print: 3 CD: 0 other: 1

Sharon explained that if a new address is given, she will first add it to the database then send the material back out with the new address.

Internet Oversight Committee:

Bob asked the BOP for advice regarding policies for advertising on the ACB-l email list. The group agreed that advertising is defined by someone promoting a product or service from which he or she personally financially benefits. Talking about products one uses, likes, etc. but does not financially benefit from in terms of sales is an endorsement. Paul proposed a policy by which people could state information about their products or services in a conventional signature line at the end of their messages. These signature lines typically do not change, other than a tag line. If such messages do tend to change often with specific information about products, then that could be considered advertising. If someone is going to be at an ACB event with products, he or she may let the list know but not list prices, etc. These suggestions are only recommendations however and the BOP wishes the Internet Oversight Committee to know that we are not dictating this as a policy. Bob said that he would take the suggestion to the committee which will meet later in the month.

Information Technology Resource Management Committee:

Larry reported that work on the backup server should be complete with the server being operational by mid October. He also continues to work on emergency response protocols.

Social Networking:

Jenine reported that the ACB National Twitter page has been up and running since September 20 and has approximately 85 followers. She is currently working with someone to submit his resume for the position of Facebook Administrator. Once this position has been filled, the task force will begin discussing policies for various Facebook services. An email list has been created for social networking issues.

Drupal Task force:

Jenine reported that DeQue Systems will be redesigning and establishing the ACB Store site using Drupal and our suggested design elements. This work will be done at no charge to ACB. Larry noted that the work has been slightly delayed but that they should make the deadline set by the ACB Store Committee who will oversee the site’s operation once running. Work continues on test pages for the rest of the site.

Jenine will be speaking on behalf of the BOP at the Mid-Atlantic ACB meeting on November 6 regarding social networking and web site redesign efforts.

Jenine moved that all committee reports and the Editor’s Report be accepted. The motion was seconded and adopted.


The BOP engaged in a discussion of contract elements for upcoming bids on production of the Braille Forum in various formats. Areas of concern for the BOP are quality of product and adherence to production schedule.

Each issue will contain 32 print pages, approximately 10,000 words. The BOP will follow instructions of the resolution set forth by CCLVI regarding large print issues involving the cover and inside cover.

After a lengthy discussion of cassette readership, it was decided that the BOP will investigate surveying cassette readers about various aspects of technology use. This would be part of a comprehensive plan regarding cassettes. For the present contract cycle though, we plan to continue cassette production.

Other suggestions to increase access to the Braille forum included adding the current issue to the ACB Radio Tuner as an option. Paul asked Judy to head up a group to study this and other options for making the Forum more available to those not technically savvy. From this report, a more formal document will be drafted for presentation to the ACB Presidents meeting in February.

Jenine moved to appoint a subcommittee to handle contract negotiations, using the parameters the BOP has set regarding number of pages per issue style and scheduling. The subcommittee will be composed of Paul, Sharon and Melanie. The motion was seconded and adopted.

Unfinished Business:

Paul asked that the discussion of copyright language be held until the November meeting.

Paul will send the language to Ken and Melanie for approval.


Sharon noted that starting with the October issue, CD will be one of the listed formats.

Paul reported that he has formally invited Tom Mitchell to present his ideas at the November meeting.

Next Meeting:

The BOP will meet via teleconference on Monday, November 1 at 9:00pm Eastern time.


Marcia moved to adjourn at approximately 11:30pm Eastern time. The motion was seconded and adopted.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jenine Stanley,
Recording Secretary