Readers' Memories of Brenda Dillon

I know all of us will remember Brenda's delightful laugh and spirit, and we can keep our memories of her close to our hearts in comfort.
Dan, our thoughts and prayers are with you as you struggle to adjust to the loss in your life of Brenda's love, spirit, enthusiasm and partnership in all you did together.
Brenda, friend, be with our Lord in peace!
- Kim Charlson, Watertown, Mass.
Many people come and go in our lives. Brenda is one whose life has touched me so profoundly that I know she'll be with me always. Soon after I first met her, we knew we were kindred spirits, both the forever optimist and lover of people, both ready and willing to give and do. I remember back in 2005, at the ACB convention, she spoke on my behalf as I ran for a position on the BOP for ACB. The challenge was that elections took place the day after expected and I had to fly back home for a family commitment. During her nominating speech, despite the fact that everyone told me there was no chance I could win if I wasn't there, Brenda enthusiastically promoted me, and even convinced the majority that the value I placed in family was a good reason for me not being there, and I was elected. Together we worked on many projects and just found joy in each other's company. She is the first and only person since my grandma that called me Cindygirl, and it always sounded so sweet from her lips.
I loved hearing her sing. I loved her passion and professionalism as she worked, and her creative ideas. I'll always remember how she'd show me the sequins or other details on her outfit and describe what she was wearing, from shoes to hair accents. She was not prideful, but took pride in all she did. She was a mentor, friend, and treasure on earth who I know is now singing with the angels, rocking with her granny, and most importantly, seeing her precious Jesus. I thank you, Brenda, for being all you were here, while praising God for giving us such a blessing, you. I will miss you, Brenda, until we meet again, my friend.
- Cindy Van Winkle, Bremerton, Wash.
There are many of us who feel the loss of Brenda, even if we didn't have the close friendship that you did with her. She had a way of challenging us all to do a little better, but in a spirit of encouragement and without any superior attitude. I remember hearing how she out-argued the NFB's Fred Schroeder when he came to Tennessee as Commissioner of RSA. I would love to have been there.
Marlaina certainly knows that she has, as the saying goes, big shoes to fill, but I am confident she will meet the challenge with the same hard work, optimism and determination as with secretary for the previous six years.
- Albert Anderson, Chicago, Ill.
I can't think of very many people who possess the level of enthusiasm, optimism and love for life that she brought to everything she did. As others have already said, she will be sorely missed by us all.
- Ron Brooks, Phoenix, Ariz.
Brenda's enthusiasm for life and moreover for ACB was very contagious.  No matter what Brenda was doing on behalf of ACB, you knew immediately that she was going to make it happen and with gusto.  My first impression of Brenda came at a CCLVI game night several years ago during trivia.
She will be sorely missed and I offer my condolences to Dan and family.
- Richard Rueda, Union City, Calif.