Record-Breaking Success!

by Dan Dillon

Thanks to all who supported both the ACB Walk/Run and "The Braille Forum" raffle, we raised more money than ever before.

We acknowledge and thank the walk's generous sponsors. Regal Entertainment Group provided $2,500 and Vanda Pharmaceuticals donated $1,000. We are most grateful to these supporters.

Sincere thanks to all the volunteers who assisted in this event, and to the vendors who supplied the bottled water and granola bars. Heartfelt appreciation to all the walk committee members who worked so tirelessly to make this effort a success. Most of all, we send out a huge "thank you!" to all the participants and pledgers. Donna Brown of Mountain State Council of the Blind (West Va.), with 62 pledges, brought in $1,935 and was our top fundraiser as an individual. Team Spoone (Dan and Leslie) of Florida, with 52 pledges, brought in a total of $2,013 and was the top fundraising team. Mountain State Council of the Blind was the top fundraising affiliate with a grand total of $2,695.

We had several individuals and teams who brought in over $1,000. They were: Donna Seliger, Team Pomerantz, Bazyn Communications Team, Melvin Smith, and Team Dillon. We had drawings for over 40 prizes for those bringing in $100 or more and a special drawing for those receiving 50 pledges or more. Best of all, together, we made ACB the big winner, raising nearly $25,000.

Thanks to all those on the resource development committee who worked so determinedly to sell raffle tickets for "The Braille Forum" and to each person who purchased a ticket. We raised $16,700 to support this magazine. Records are made to be broken, and with your help, we can do it again next year in Louisville.