The Smell of Sunshine and Colors

by Marsha Whiteside

The sighted people know not what they miss!
The fresh smell of morning dew on tall grass
Luring small earthy-smelling worms to the surface
With precision of robins and other small birds to beckon their call
A flutter of primary discussions and events
As the scents of daisies, grass, and dandelions fill the air.
The smell of sunshine gently encompassing the grass
On a midsummer's day
Swirling breezes filling the air with the scent of clover and earth
Winding around your feet and slowly rising to your sensitive nostrils
In a flurry of resounding and encompassing glory.
The enticing smell of an autumn evening
With freshly fallen leaves covering the ground like a soft blanket
The sound of crunching under your feet
Releasing the scent of musk and molds in refrain
Pulsating and filling the air with every gentle step.
The smell of a summer night's gentle breeze
Filling the air with a sweet scent of blooming flowers
A gathering of multitudes of crimson, green and yellow
Feeling the scents as colors and the colors as scents
Surrounding the body in a cooling blanket of wonder.
The smell of winter, of frozen, quiet stillness
The cold, icy frozen north with subtle scents to discover
The hot breath of a nearby moose with fresh willows on his breath
A passing rabbit brushing by and leaving deposits of his recent meal
The smoke filling the air from wood fireplaces to warm the heart.
The sighted see, but often are unable to feel the wonders around them.
We have the ability and capability to smell the sunshine and feel the colors
To embrace the grace that surrounds us with compassion and understanding
To receive the gifts that abound in a unique and wonderful format.
To know, to receive, to feel, and to be as one with our surroundings.