Your Greatest Dream

Your greatest dream can be achieved with a goal, vision and determination
Small steps in the right direction will get you to your destination
You can begin by identifying sources of inspiration and gathering the necessary tools
Then create some guidelines and activate effective monitoring rules.

Be sure to include an "I Can" attitude, commitment and perseverance
Then add a hefty dose of energy, enthusiasm and adherence
Be careful not to dwell on the presence of fear, doubt or procrastination
Involve the experience and expertise of others with similar aspirations
One key to always remember is that great achievers never do it alone
Therefore surround yourself with people of character, integrity and solidity like stone.

Positive affirmations, quotes and articles can be an asset along the way
Even success stories of others could inspire you to overcome feelings of dismay
After conquering obstacles you'll discover much has been attained
You'll be glad once you witness the momentum you have gained.

In the midst of adversity there are opportunities for you to shine
Just continue to tackle challenges with an open mind
Naysayers and times of uncertainty are sure to come
Nevertheless, you must believe that you have already won
All of the above elements are essential to your success
Know that you have what it takes and be encouraged to give it your best.

-- Kenneth Semien Sr.