Board of Directors

Jeff Bishop, Tucson, AZ (1st term ending in 2020)
Denise Colley, Lacey, WA (1st term ending in 2020)
Sara Conrad, Madison, WI (final term ending in 2020)
Dan Dillon, Hermitage, TN (1st term ending in 2020)
Katie Frederick, Worthington, OH (1st term ending in 2018)
George Holliday, Philadelphia, PA (final term ending in 2018)
Allan Peterson, Horace, ND (final term ending in 2018)
Doug Powell, Falls Church, VA (1st term ending in 2020)
Patrick Sheehan, Silver Spring, MD (1st term ending in 2018)
Jeff Thom, Sacramento, CA (partial term ending in 2018)
Ex Officio: Ron Brooks, Phoenix, AZ

All Board of Directors are legally blind and shall consist on ten directors and the Immediate Past President. A member of the Board of Publications shall attend all meetings of the Board of Directors, may make motions and participate in discussions, but is not eligible to vote.