The 2015 ACB Scholarship Winners: Stars Shining Bright into the Future

by Michael Garrett

We’ve completed another season of selecting the ACB scholarship winners.  We received 124 applications, which were sorted, categorized and distributed to their respective subcommittees.  Each application was carefully scrutinized by each subcommittee member before diligent deliberations took place.  After all that work, we chose the winners.  The most rewarding part of the process was calling the recipients and informing them that they had won a scholarship.  What a heartwarming feeling! 
Without exception, this year’s group of students showed the same level of exuberance as past winners. 
ACB Students Brenda Dillon Memorial Scholarship
Elaine Phillips, Mass., bachelor of science in mechanical engineering
Kellie Cannon Memorial Scholarship
Hunter Jozwiak, Va., majoring in computer science
William G. Corey Memorial Scholarship
Elizabeth McKay, Pa., bachelor of science in theology
Eunice Fiorito Memorial Scholarship
Christiane Steele, Iowa, bachelor of science in special education
John Hebner Memorial Scholarship
Tiffany Jolliff, Va., master of science in organizational development
James R. Olsen Memorial Scholarship
Michael Griffin, Fla., bachelor of science in information technology
The Ross N. Pangere Foundation for the Visually Impaired Scholarship
Hamid Hamraz, Ky., master of science in computer science
Cassandra Mendez, Ohio, bachelor of science in computer science and engineering
Michael Rouillard, Conn., bachelor of science in information technology
Floyd Qualls Memorial Scholarships
Michael Coughlin, Pa., bachelor of business management
Sherrie Lilley, N.Y., bachelor of science in psychology/counseling
Lauren Long, Texas, master of science in marriage and family therapy
Jessica Minneci, Pa., majoring in communications
Andrew Shaw, N.Y., majoring in business
Arnold Sadler Memorial Scholarship
Thomas Woodyard, Ga., majoring in Japanese and international studies
Norma Shecter Memorial Scholarship and Duane Buckley Memorial Scholarship
Stephanie Zundel, N.J., bachelor of science in early childhood development
Bay State Council of the Blind Scholarship
Sarah Wiles, Mass., juris doctorate
Oregon Council of the Blind Scholarship
Patricia Kepler, Ore., master of public policy
In a couple of cases, we combined scholarships to help the winners a bit more.  Scholarship amounts ranged from $1,500 to $3,500. 
This group of students exhibited a broad range of interests and displayed a diversity of vocational endeavors.  They were intelligent, energetic and enthusiastic about their future. 
It takes quite a bit of time and attention to detail to assure that the scholarship selection process goes well.  It’s a labor of love for those of us on the committee. We’re grateful to the Minnesota staff for making the material accessible to us.  And, of course, our most sincere gratitude goes to our donors who make these awards possible.  The investment in these students’ lives cannot be quantified in today’s dollars.  Their goals have yet to be reached; their accomplishments have yet to be completed and their dreams have yet to come true, but ACB has made a small contribution toward the professions they will pursue.
Michael Garrett and Tommy Woodyard 

Michael Garrett, left, wearing a brown suit, cream-colored shirt and golden brown tie, guides Tommy Woodyard, right, to the microphone to give a short speech. Woodyard is the recipient of the Arnold Sadler Memorial Scholarship; he sports a black suit, white shirt, and black tie with silver flecks.