2017 Presidents' Meeting Agenda

American Council of the Blind
2017 Presidents' Meeting Agenda
Sunday, February 26
President’s Ballroom
8:00 AM: Registration
9:00 AM: Opening Remarks – Kim Charlson, ACB President, Watertown, MA; & Meeting Logistics: Eric Bridges, ACB Executive Director, Alexandria, VA
9:10 AM: Self-Introduction of Attendees
9:30 AM: ACB Communication Channels: Spreading the Word to Our Members and Leadership 
Live on ACB Radio: Larry Turnbull, Managing Director, ACB Radio, Springfield, IL
www.acbradio.org or (605) 475-8130
ACB Social Media:
Twitter: John McCann, ACB Second Vice President and Twitter Team Leader, Tucson, AZ
Facebook: Carla Ruschival, ACB Treasurer and Facebook Team Leader, Louisville, KY
Board of Publications Update: Overview of 2017 Key BOP Initiatives, Awards, Convention Activities and Planned Large Print Reader Survey -- Paul Edwards, Miami, FL, and Doug Powell, Falls Church, VA, Board of Publications Elected Members
ACB Link 1.2: ACB’s iPhone App
Jeff Bishop, ACB Board of Directors, Tucson, AZ
10:15 AM: Break
10:30 AM: The Future of ACB: Utilizing the Power of Youth and Mentoring and Networking: Minh Ha, President ACB Students (ACBS), Brighton, MA; Sarah Wiles, First Vice President, ACBS, Longmeadow, MA; Tamara Lomax, Second Vice President, ACBS, Plainville, NJ; and Abby Edwards, Secretary, ACBS, Vandalia, OH
11:10 AM: Midwest Leadership Conference and Young Professionals Seminar: August 4-6, 2017, Omaha, Nebraska – Ray Campbell, ACB Secretary, Glen Ellyn, IL
11:15 AM: AMMS Pointers and Keeping Your AffiliateHealthy: Nancy Becker, Senior Accountant, American Council of the Blind Enterprises and Services, Brooklyn Center, MN
11:40 AM: ACB Remote Voting Update: Potential Practice and Pilot Process: Mitch Pomerantz, Immediate Past President and Member, Voting Task Force, Pasadena, CA; and Jeff Thom, ACB First Vice President and Chair, ACB Voting Task Force, Sacramento, CA
11:55 AM: Convention Update for 2017, 2018 and 2019; and Overview of New Convention Shortened Schedule: Janet Dickelman, ACB Convention Coordinator, St. Paul, MN
12:15 PM: Lunch
Lunch Presentation: Adaptive Challenges: Exercising Leadership 
Moira Shea, Vice-Chair, Usher Syndrome Coalition, Washington, DC
1:30 PM: ACB Affiliate Sharing Fund Raising Opportunities Overview: Dan Dillon, Co-Chair, ACB Resource Development Committee and ACB Board of Directors, Hermitage, TN 
ACB Mini Mall: Carla Ruschival, ACB Treasurer, Louisville, KY -- 877-630-7190
MMS (Monthly Monetary Support) and Affiliate Sharing: George Holliday, ACB Board of Directors, and Member, MMS Committee, Philadelphia, PA
ACB Walk and Affiliate Teams: Donna Brown, Chair, Walk Committee, Romney, WV
Annual Giving Societies: Tom Tobin, ACB Director of Development, Cleveland, OH
Angel Memorial Tribute Program, Volunteer Hours, ACB Braille Forum Raffle, and Wrap-Up: Dan Spoone, Co-Chair, ACB Resource Development Committee and ACB Board of Directors, Orlando, FL
2:20 PM: Joint Affiliate Conventions: A New Approach: Panel Moderator: Katie Frederick, ACB of Ohio Executive Director and Member of the ACB Board of Directors, Worthington, OH; Vicky Prahen, President, ACB of Ohio, Columbus, OH; Barbara Salisbury, Vice President, ACB of Indiana, Bloomington, IN; George Holliday, Pennsylvania Council of the Blind and ACB Board Member, Philadelphia, PA; and Cindy LaBon, President, ACB of Maryland, Gaithersburg, MD 
3:00 PM: ACB’s Updated Strategic Planning Process: Direction and Outcomes for the Future – Eric Bridges, ACB Executive Director, Alexandria, VA
3:15 PM: Break
3:30 PM: DKM First-Timers Program and Leadership Fellows Awards for 2017: Kenneth Semien, Chair, DKM First-Timers Committee, Beaumont, TX
3:45 PM: Open Forum: Attendees Opportunity to Ask ACB Officers and Directors Questions – Kim Charlson, ACB President, Watertown, MA; Ray Campbell, ACB Secretary, Glen Ellyn, IL; David Trott, ACB Director, Talladega, AL; Denise Colley, ACB Director, Lacey, WA; Allan Peterson, ACB Director, Horace, ND; and Pat Sheehan, ACB Director, Silver Spring, MD
4:30 PM: Audio Description Project Update and More! Joel Snyder, Director, ACB Audio Description Project, Takoma Park, MD; Dan Spoone, Chair, Audio Description Steering Committee, Orlando, FL; Eric Bridges, ACB Executive Director, Alexandria, VA; and Tony Stephens, ACB Director of Advocacy and Governmental Affairs, Alexandria, VA
5:20 PM: Wrap-Up – Kim Charlson, ACB President, Watertown, MA
5:30 PM: Adjournment