Suman Kanuganti, Aira CEO, announces Aira Messages and Lower-price Plan

Aira Messages

We are excited to announce that Aira Messages, a new product feature, is now available as a free update to the Aira app and experience. Appearing today in the updates section of the iOS App Store, and coming soon to the Google Play Store, Aira Messages enables Aira Explorers to communicate with Aira agents via typing while in a session (similar to texting). Visit this page to learn more about how Aira Messages works.


Starter Plan

Aira, for the first time, is offering a new service-only plan at this year’s Summer Conventions! At just $50 per month, you can sign up to be an Explorer and gain access to Aira’s platform and its professional agents using your smartphone. Please note this plan is only available at the convention, so take advantage by getting your friends to sign up with Aira at our booths or by calling 1-888-200-7680.


Back to School welcomes ACB scholarship winners

Aira will offer each recipient of the 2018 ACB scholarship class access to our Back to School program for the 2018-2019 school year. These students are guaranteed nine months of free Aira services, with all the advantages that Aira Explorers enjoy everyday. As these scholars study, play, and develop as contributing members of their communities, Aira will play its part by offering these students additional tools to enhance their academic efforts.


ACB Members to receive access to Aira’s Employment Program

ACB has a tremendous focus on employment. In furtherance of our partnership and to show how Aira can impact ACB’s focus areas, we’re proud to announce an agreement establishing that all ACB members be granted access, as Aira guests, to Aira’s free Employment Program. This program will be available during October, National Disability Employment Awareness Month.


ACB Members to receive 5 shopping days

Aira will provide a simple code for ACB members to redeem for five (5) “shopping” days using the Aira service. Stay tuned for more details about this community-focused program.


“Good things are on the Horizon!”

Horizon has computational power, improved camera specifications, network stability, and the simplicity of Chloe dialogue, which provides not only a stable platform for our Explorers, but also creates an exponential advantage for obtaining more value from the entire Aira service.

Horizon does not need a smartphone to operate. By simply holding down a button, you instantly have your professional autonomous agent at your fingertips. We are optimistic that Horizon is going to make our service much easier to use, for those who don’t yet have smartphones, as well as for those who want a simple, straightforward, hands-free approach to using Aira.


Have any questions or issues? Contact Customer Care at 800-835-1934 or email

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