Maxine Dillon

Maxine Dillon, an advocate for the blind

My mother was never a member of ACB, but she was always very supportive of me and my involvement with the American Council of the Blind.  She was an advocate for the blind before I knew what the word advocate meant.  When I would tell the teacher I couldn't see the blackboard, more than once my mother would have to meet with them and set them straight.
My mother had a beautiful voice, and she taught me how to sing harmony while we would all sing as my brother and I dried dishes while she would wash them.  This experience really peaked my interest in music.
I would not be the man I am today if it weren't for my mother.  Whenever I would say "I can't do that Mom", she would say "can't never did anything.  Get off your backside and try."  Over the years I've tried to do just about everything.  I learned from my mother that if you want to do something bad enough, you'll find a way to do it. My mother loved to tell jokes and loved to hear a good joke which taught me that we must never lose our sense of humor.  We must be able to laugh at ourselves. 
These are just a few reasons why I strongly feel that my mother is very worthy of being an ACB Angel.
Dan Dillon
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ACB Angel Memorial Tribute - Maxine Dillon