B.H. Newman

B.H. Newman, December 8, 1927 - February 28, 2000

B.H. Newman was born in Tennessee on December 8, 1927 and died February 28, 2000.
Although he was visually impaired all his life, he did not learn about ACB until 1979. He worked in printing shops and various factories and was a union organizer. When not busy working, he and his first wife raised 4 children. He enjoyed playing guitar and bass. At a young age he learned to be an auctioneer and put those skills to good use for TCB and other organizations to help with fundraising. He was TCB vice president for many years. His main interest was legislation, and he often went to Capitol Hill and local city council meetings to discuss issues of concern to us. He was always willing to volunteer and assist us wherever he was needed and was always supportive and encouraging.
Carol Francisco
President, Tennessee Council of the Blind