Linked, Connected and Empowered with ACB Link

Did you ever wish for a way to have ACB at your fingertips? Here it is! And here we are, connected in easier ways than ever before!
At the opening session of the 2015 convention, president Kim Charlson announced that ACB would begin development of an iPhone app, now given the name “ACB Link.” From the outset, this project was driven by one objective: to bring members and affiliates closer to both each other and to the leadership of the national organization. With the release of ACB Link, now available in the iTunes App Store, we have taken our first step on that journey.
The application is broken up into four tabs appearing at the bottom of the application screen: Home, Affiliates, Radio and About.
The Home tab is the area for highlighting events and other time-sensitive items of interest to ACB members and friends. This tab is extremely dynamic and will change as events occur and as developments warrant, such as achievements in our advocacy initiatives.
One question that is often heard is: “How can I contact an ACB affiliate?” The Affiliates tab addresses this issue. Contact information for all ACB state and special-interest affiliates can be accessed from this screen.  Upon opening the Affiliates tab, you are presented with a screen containing two buttons: special-interest affiliates and state affiliates. In both cases, the buttons take you to a complete list of affiliates in the given category. Hence, you can simply tap on the state affiliate button for a list of all ACB state affiliates. By tapping the “my location” button, you will be directed to the affiliate closest to your current location. Once an affiliate is selected, you can view the main contact information for that affiliate. Simply tap on e-mail address or phone number links to get in touch with the designated contact person for the selected affiliate.
ACB Radio is a critical component of our overall public relations presence, and we have been working very hard this year to bring ACB Radio closer to the membership of the organization. ACB Link provides the ability to stream all seven ACB Radio streams.  All available podcast feeds can also be streamed from within this tab, thereby providing an excellent way to stay connected with ACB activities such as national and affiliate conventions and so much more!
The About tab provides basic information about ACB Link and allows you to change some settings within the application.
Stay notified about late-breaking advocacy and special announcements from the national office through the use of push notifications within ACB Link. We promise to keep them at a minimum so as not to overwhelm you with unwanted notifications.
From our mission to our history and from our advocacy to conventions, we are excited about our new app and know you will be too! Join with us right up to the moment, as we are linked with ACB Link!
This is just the beginning for ACB Link. We have many exciting plans for its future development. If you have feedback for the ACB Link development team, please get in touch by e-mailing This is your app; please help it become all that you want it to be and all that it can be! All suggestions are sincerely encouraged and welcome.
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