Rehabilitation Issues Task Force

Chair: Charles Crawford

Monday, July 11 - Bonanza C

New Issues in Rehabilitation - $4, $6

2:45pm Serious Dynamics Facing Our Rehabilitation System

1. The rapidly changing landscape of technologic development and utilization in the workplace. Universal design and its application to the rehabilitation system and modern workplaces. Charles Crawford - Task Force chair

2. Needed improvements to our employment initiatives to secure increased successful closures and reduce the high unemployment rate of our population - Melanie Brunson, Esq., ACB Executive Director

3. How the Statewide Rehabilitation Councils and their Vocational Rehabilitation partners can reinvent rehabilitation to the advantage of all stakeholders - Doug Powell, Task Force member and chair, Virginia Statewide Rehabilitation Council for the Virginia Department for the Blind

4:00pm Break

4:15pm Rehabilitation around the world
Co-sponsored by the ACB International Relations Committee

1. Rehabilitation of blind consumers in Brazil

2. The rehabilitation system in Australia

3. Rehabilitation in other parts of the world

4. Contrasting world rehabilitation systems and that of the United States - Paul Edwards, Past ACB President and Director of Disability Student Services, Miami Dade College, North Campus, Miami, FL