Dots and Dashes 6/19/19

“Dots and Dashes” is a short newsletter featuring a variety of topics and ACB stories. This issue features articles on the candidates’ forum, Facebook Live from Guide Dogs for the Blind, advocacy updates, changes at NLS, and how to find the Mueller report on BARD.


Candidates’ Forum

Get to know the candidates for office this year. ACB’s Candidates’ Forum will be held Wednesday, June 19th, at 9 p.m. Eastern/6 p.m. Pacific. The forum will be live streamed on Live Event. You can access ACB Radio online at, via ACB Link, via your Alexa smart speaker or by phone through Audio Now. For more instructions on using ACB Radio, visit For more details, go to


Facebook Live from GDB

On June 6th, Claire Stanley went live on Facebook from Guide Dogs for the Blind. She talked about the training process, Dog Day – and at the end, her new guide dog made an appearance. To view the video, visit


Advocacy Updates

On the June 3rd edition of ACB Advocacy Update, Claire Stanley and Clark Rachfal discuss how the inaccessibility of exercise and fitness equipment may prevent some ACB members from getting their beach body prior to the convention. Richard Thesing, president of Mobility Fitness, joins them to discuss the higher obesity rates of Americans with disabilities; how exercise and fitness equipment could be made more accessible; and the introduction of the Exercise and Fitness for All Act of 2019. To learn more about Richard’s work, visit Listen via your favorite podcast player, or online at

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Changes at NLS

NLS has received final approval from the Librarian of Congress to change its name. Beginning on October 1, NLS’ name will change officially to National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled, though we will continue to use the abbreviation NLS. Visit to learn more.


Mueller Report on BARD

The Mueller Report is available now on BARD, and will be available on cartridge soon. It is DB94776. To download a copy, go to