Spring into Action with ACB

by Kathy Brockman

As I write this article, there are about 5 inches of new snow on the ground, and the sun is shining brightly. By the time you read this, spring will be around the corner. So as the weather warms up, we become more active. A wide variety of interests await us – hopefully that includes our favorite ACB chapter with its activities and friendships.

There are many ways to actively support your chapter or the national organization. One of them is – you may see where this is going – MMS (the Monthly Monetary Support) program. This is an easy way to support ACB, its programs and an affiliate of your choice. A monthly donation is deducted automatically from a checking account or charged to a credit card. You control the amount donated and the method you prefer. Up to 50 percent can be designated to a local or special-interest affiliate of your choice. The payment is made on either the 10th or the 22nd of each month; you choose the date which works best.

Some benefits of joining MMS are knowing that you are contributing to ACB’s programs and an affiliate by providing a dependable source of income. Donations are confidential and may be tax-deductible since ACB is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Watch for details on the annual prizes awarded at the convention and the special drawings after staff members return from Rochester, N.Y.

The annual conference and convention is coming quickly. If you increase your contribution or complete a new enrollment, your name will be entered in the drawings for the following prizes: the grand prize is a 43” Toshiba Integrated Fire TV; 2nd prize is an Amazon Echo 2nd Gen. Gift cards will be obtained again this year for the daily drawings. We hope these incentives encourage you to participate.

So “Spring into Action with ACB!” Visit www.acb.org/donate. Go to the MMS tab to complete the required information. Or contact the Minneapolis office at (612) 332-3242 or toll-free 1-800-866-3242. Thank you for supporting our organization.