Volunteer at the Information Desk in Rochester

by Vicky Prahin

The Information Desk will open Thursday, July 4, in the evening this year, and open daily through July 11 at 7:30 a.m. We need volunteers to work every day. Some of the things Info Desk workers do:

  • Answer questions face to face or on the phone
  • Distribute hotel orientation information, newspapers, proposals, menus, and other materials
  • Take orders for newspaper delivery
  • Collect door prizes and auction items
  • Take reservations for banquet tables
  • Itemize items which were lost or found

We provide materials in braille, large print, and as electronic files; people need to bring a thumb drive or SD card to obtain the electronic files.

If you enjoy meeting people, being at the center of things, and can multi-task, consider volunteering to work at the 2019 info desk! Contact me at prahin@icloud.com or (614) 949-7757 by June 15. Each person will receive a schedule before the convention. We need a team of willing helpers to make this year’s convention go as smoothly as possible in Rochester, N.Y.!