Let the Stars Shine Bright on the ACB Brenda Dillon Memorial Walk, by Donna Brown

“ACB: Where the Stars Shine Bright” is the theme for the 2015 ACB national conference and convention. Many ACB stars shone bright during the 2014 walk, as over $37,000 was raised for ACB and its affiliates. Several affiliates raised over $1,000, with some affiliates raising over $2,000, while still others raised over $3,000.
As you may remember, the 2014 walk had a new twist. When teams registered, they could designate up to 50 percent of the money they raised to go back to an affiliate of their choice.  This twist was very successful, as we had over 20 teams registered. This offer will once again be available to teams this year.
In keeping with our tradition of no two walk events being alike, the 2015 ACB Brenda Dillon Memorial Walk will be unique. The event will be held on Sunday, July 5, from 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. You might say, “Well that’s the same as it always is,” and you’re right. Here’s the twist to this year’s walk: it will be held at the convention hotel. You can practically roll out of bed, put something on your feet, and come join us for the walk! The starting and finish line will be in the convention hotel itself. Participants will walk across the sky bridge, and walk the loop around the second floor of The Plaza of the Americas, which is where the food court is. The route is approximately one mile in length.
The ACB Walk committee is hard at work designing a new web site, where teams will have their own web pages. This will make it easier for team captains to know who has signed up for their team and when donations have been submitted. More information about the web site will be coming soon. Stay tuned to “The ACB Braille Forum” and E-Forum, and the ACB e-mail lists, for walk updates.
Begin making your plans now to sign up for the walk, and help us to make the stars shine brighter than ever by raising a lot of money for ACB!
— Donna Brown