** FOR SALE: USB Internet radio. Asking $25. Toshiba laptop with 15.4" screen, Pentium 4, Windows XP and JAWS. Comes with 30-gig hard drive and 512 megs of RAM. In very good condition. Asking $275. Desktop computer with 4 gigs RAM, 1 TB hard drive, Windows 7 Home Premium, JAWS, 19-inch monitor. Asking $750. All items include shipping. Contact Jose at (818) 220-6256.

** FOR SALE: Book Port reader with USB cable, flash card, CD software and instruction manual. Plays digital audio files such as MP3, Audible.com, and digital talking books. Asking $10 plus shipping. Contact Cynthia at (408) 656-2102 or e-mail cirqitous650@yahoo.com.

** FOR SALE: Maestro/Trekker with Braille Key Maestro, two additional batteries and two additional memory cards. Also, upgrade 3.0 on CD included. Rarely used; in perfect condition. Asking $1,800. Contact Anja Geleney at (207) 907-4443 or (207) 991-2747. You can also e-mail her, Birds10@roadrunner.com.

** FOR SALE: iPhone 3GS. Asking $200. In good condition; comes with charger and USB cable. Contact Aaron via e-mail, blindgeek1989@gmail.com, or call him at (502) 541-1167.

** FOR SALE: PAC Mate QX400. Comes with carrying case and strap, Quick Start cards in braille and print, Quick Start Guide, the companion CD (contains MS ActiveSync 3.7 & Outlook 2002 software for desktop PC), AC adapter, A to mini B USB cable, and the user's documentation CD. Rarely used. Asking $1,200 plus $20 for shipping and insurance. Brytech Noteteller2. Comes with CD and cassette instructions. Asking $90 plus $5 shipping. Contact Larry Railey at jlr1@att.net or (281) 444-0907.

** FOR SALE: i.d. Mate Omni - unused, in original box. Comes with case, extra memory card, power adapter and extra bar code labels. Asking $800. Contact Renee Abernathy at reneabne@bellsouth.net or (704) 263-1314 and leave a message.

** FOR SALE: SenseView portable CCTV. Comes with case and AC adapter. Asking $500. Aladdin Pro 75 black & white CCTV. Asking $1,300. Ovation OCR reader. Asking $1,500. Contact Dan via e-mail, utalk2d@ymail.com.

** WANTED: Two memory cards for Reading Edge (need version 3.0 or higher). Am trying to figure out whether it's the memory card or the Reading Edge itself that's gone bad. Contact Bob Groff Jr. at (501) 589-2886.

** WANTED: Donation of any notetaker with a braille display. Contact Angela Randall at arandall0227@starkstate.net.