** FOR SALE: Simple digital voice recorder; only has only two functions, record and play. Willing to give it away, but asking $10 for shipping and a coffee for the driver to take it to the post office. Old-style Perkins braille writer, still in its original packaging. Asking $500 (includes shipping and insurance). Payment plan is negotiable. For more information on either of these items, e-mail Nino Pacini, ninopacini@gmail.com, or call (313) 885-7330.

** FOR SALE: Brand-new braille writer. Asking $450. Talking calculator with large screen, $200. Contact Rosemir at (714) 865-5555.

** FOR SALE: Kurzweil 1000 version 11. Asking $870 or best offer (shipping included to USA address). JAWS for Windows Professional, version 13 . Asking $995 or best offer (includes shipping to USA address). Olympus DS50 digital MP3 recorder/player with ear buds, mic and CD with talking menus. Asking $130 (includes shipping to USA address). Contact Laura Ann at (979) 680-0022 or by e-mail, agapetouchmassage@gmail.com.

** FOR SALE: Brand-new Toshiba laptop with 15.6" wide screen, 4 gigs RAM, 320-gig hard drive, Windows 7 Home Premium, JAWS and Office. Asking $750. Desktop computer with 2,000-gig hard drive, 4 gigs RAM, Windows 7 Home Premium, JAWS and Office. Asking $750. USB Internet radio. Asking $30. Call Jose at (818) 220-6256.

** FOR SALE: VIP 1000 Talking Thermostat. Five years old; in working condition. See www.talkingthermostats.com for details about this model. Asking $60. Contact Allen at astutts@mindspring.com or call (919) 843-4133.

** FOR SALE: PAC Mate Omni BX400 with software and carrying cases. Asking $1,500. Braille Plus with disc and carrying case. Asking $425. Trekker Breeze with microphone, case, and software. Asking $300. Victor Reader. Asking $200. Braille Lite 2000 with case and manuals grouped with Braille & Speak. Asking $150. Will accept PayPal, money orders or cashier's checks. Contact Vicky via e-mail, vickyunderhill@sbcglobal.net or (817) 320-4442.

** FOR SALE: K-NFB Reader with Talks software and GPS software. Nokia 82 cell phone. Asking $2,000 or best offer. Dell laptop with assistive and regular technology, and a charger. Price negotiable. Contact MultiTopicResourcing@aol.com.

** FOR SALE: ZoomText 10, brand new, never been used. Still in original packaging with all manuals included. Asking $750 or best offer. If interested, e-mail Dan Palmadessa at dan.palmadessa@gmail.com. Will accept check or money order; item will be shipped free matter for the blind unless purchaser wants to pay for shipping.

** WANTED: Gently used Braille Note mPOWER or Apex. Looking for one for a student. Contact Marsha Bork via e-mail, mlbork@cox.net.