High Tech Swap Shop

For Sale: Perkins Brailler in good condition with dust cover. Asking $300. Olympus digital recorder with cable, book, and case. Asking $20. Talking calculator. Asking $20. Talking key chain. Asking $20.  Magnifying ruler and pocket magnifier, three signature guides, and one deck of braille playing cards. Free. If interested in all items, the total cost will be $360 with no shipping costs.  If interested in certain items, you must cover shipping. Money orders only.  Contact Nancy or Owen at owenryder@synmpatico.ca or call Owen at (319) 217-1922 or Nancy at (319) 217-0439.
For Sale: Perkins Brailler in excellent condition.  Comes with original mailing container.  Asking $300.  Victor Reader Stream, in excellent condition.  Comes with power cord, original CDs, and SD card; has soft pack activated.  Asking $175.  Contact Connie David at (612) 367-4995, or via e-mail, charityrose12@comcast.net.
For Sale: TripleTalk USB synthesizer, never used; in excellent condition. Comes with power adapter and USB cable. Asking $450 (negotiable). SmallTalk Ultra 2 in excellent condition, rarely used.  Comes with carrying case, new double capacity battery, and other accessories.  Screen reader not installed.  Asking $1,000 (negotiable).  Contact Jonathan Milam via e-mail at milamj@wfu.edu or at (336) 462-4179.
For Sale: Powerful, high-end Dell laptop with Inspiron 5110 2.4-gig Core I5 processor.  Has 8 gigs RAM, 600-gig hard drive, DVD, wireless, Bluetooth, full keyboard with keypad; comes with metallic black or purple swap covers, Windows 7 (64-bit version), JAWS 14, Kurzweil 12, scanning, Microsoft Office 2010, 3 USB ports, SD slot, and thousands of MP3 songs. Asking $900 or best offer.  Call Al at (410) 382-6506 or send e-mail to ducharme.alfred@gmail.com.
For Sale: PAC Mate 40 braille display.  In excellent condition.  Comes with USB cable.  Asking $2,500 or best offer.  PayPal accepted.  Serious inquiries only.  Contact Shawn Cox at (757) 295-7785 or s.cox76@verizon.net.
For Sale: 4th generation iPod with 32 gigs of memory. In great condition. Asking $175. Call Caitlin at (517) 227-1122.
Wanted: APH Handi-Cassette 1 with 2- and 4-track playing capability.  Send an e-mail message to etsbills@yahoo.com.